Wednesday 8 June 2016


Test -- please ignore.

Sunday 5 June 2011

The Speakeasy

The Speakeasy - Extraordinary Night of Monologues


one of my monologues: 'Black Lace Curtains'

Three nights only!

Monday, June 27, 2011 to Wednesday 29th at 8:00pm
Upstairs at The Nell of old Drury, London, United Kingdom

Friday 27 May 2011

Facebook Page

To complement this blog, I've set up a facebook page called Novel Racers. It's a bit of an experiment, so let me know if anything isn't as it should be, or if you have any ideas for it.

As well as the usual "wall", the page has a discussions area where we can talk about things and categorise them by topic.

Here's the link:

So, why not head over there and take a look.

Friday 20 May 2011

Friday Coffee - Writing for Children

Morning Racers!! It Friday, Friday!! Another lovely weekend to look forward to.
In light of my post I have some coco pops, rice crispies (hear them snap crackle and pop) and some S.M.A. Actually I still eat coco pops anyway so its quite the norm for me!!

I have a half day at work today. In my borough the library are running a series of talks and workshops, 2 of which are aimed at writers. Last week I attended a How to Get  Published talk which was excellent. The lady from Random House was just lovely and very very patient. The audience were a little aggressive I felt and it just showed how the world of a writer can be a frustrating and exciting one all the same.

This afternoon will be a bit different for me as I have always put my efforts into writing for the older market – solely womens fiction. Today I am attending a Writing fiction for Children workshop. I have no idea what to expect so there’s nervous excitement working my fingertips this morning.

My desire is to write something for when my neice Lola is older and hey, perhaps even spark a new interest within my writing. I know there are many avenues my writing can take and this one is new to me. I also have a very good friend who’s illustrations inspire me no end so I would like to work on a project with her.

So, tell me racers – are you exploring any new avenues with your writing, have you ever written for children – and do you know what I can expect later?

Friday 13 May 2011

Friday Coffee – Progress reports

Morning Racers!! Or it was when I wrote this!! I couldn’t get on blogger this morning so apologies for the delay. I’m feeling spirited this morning, perhaps it’s the weather, perhaps it’s the promise of the weekend fast approaching, perhaps it’s the coffee – who knows but its good.
Help yourselves to fresh fruit salad and orange juice. There’s coffee brewing and the aroma is delightful so please join me in a cuppa.

Its almost half way through the year (I know where has it gone??) and the novel isn’t really coming along at all. I had given myself until this month to finish the reread/rewrite/repair but it’s just not happening. I blame Mandy and the gang at Womag2Weekly (of course not they are all lovely). I'm just very much enjoying churching out short stories and last week I was lucky enough to sell my first story which has spurred me on that bit more. I’m also booked to go on another How to Get Published seminar tomorrow, and then there’s the all important keeping fit, socialising, sleeping, eating, drinking, breathing, shopping, day jobbing.  I plan to do some novel editing this weekend though.

So, tell me, how’s your WIP coming along? As expected or have you managed to let the procrastination/distraction gremlins knock you off kilter?