Saturday, 23 June 2007

Lazy Perfectionista joins the gang

I have so far only been published in the Journal of Internal Medicine and various medical conference proceedings. Unfortunately, my name does not grace this work, as I provide 'editorial assistance' (it's not ghosting, honest) to the busy doctors who actually perform the clinical trials I write up. I do enjoy this side of writing, and I'm very proud of my role, albeit a tiny one, in the fight against cancer, but creativity is not something that is often needed.

Stories and books have always captivated me, I read whenever I get the chance and am often mentally miles away trying to figure out a plot of my own. Until recently, these plots didn't usually escape the confines of my head, and the one I'm currently working on has been swilling round, gradually gathering momentum for about three years. I've written bits down on a number of occasions, in various notebooks (I love notebooks!) and never had time to get any further than that. A few months ago I realised that the story wasn't going to go away unless I got it out of my head in and into my computer. By this point, several other embryonic tales had joined it, and quite frankly it was getting too crowded in there and they were beginning to fight with each other. Now I'm committed to working out exactly what happens to who and why, getting all the words down, and tying up all the loose ends. And I'm loving it.

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