Friday, 22 June 2007


Hello everyone I am introducing myself as suggested!

I am Rowan Coleman and I have been a published writer since 2002, a writer, writer all of my life. I have had four books for women (Although I am told some men do read them) published so far including 'GROWING UP TWICE', 'AFTER EVER AFTER', 'RIVER DEEP,' 'THE ACCIDENTAL MOTHER' and 'THE BABY GROUP'. I also write books for children - girls at the moment - aged ten plus about child star and average thirteen year old, Ruby Parker. Published so far are RUBY PARKER SOAP STAR and RUBY PARKER FILM STAR. The third book RUBY PARKER HOLLYWOOD STAR will be out in October, with three more to follow. After that I am going to write a new paranormal adventure series for girls and boys called WEIRDSVILLE. At the moment I'm working on my fifth book for Arrow and this is why I've joined the novel race. I'm so glad I found my way here, thanks to Cally, because it's been great to connect with other writers and gain inspiration from them and find out what other writers do!

So thank you to Kate and Lucy for starting the race and thanks to everyone else for being there, especially Helen who puts up with me asking her how things works all the time! I look forward to the continuation of the race and getting to know you all better. Onwards!

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liz fenwick said...

My dd is just coming up to that age so I think I will become very familiar with your Ruby Parker! It's been fun to know one of the voices behind the Fairies with Lucy/Sue.......

Your adult fiction sounds briliiant too :-)