Friday, 13 July 2007

Coffee break number 3

I know a lot of people are on holiday so I hope nobody minds that I've initiated this weeks coffee break.

It's been a funny week for me. I returned from my own holiday refreshed and keen to get back into my writing but when I actually came to sit down I was completely daunted and have ended up writing only 2000 words this week.

Thankfully my copy of Wannabe a Writer has arrived from Amazon which has encouraged me to keep going, and has even given me an idea of how to change a short story that was previously rejected.

How has everyone else got on?


hesitant scribe said...

Oh my! I'm first! Gosh! I've never been first *grins*

I've finished teaching this week, and so looking forward to having loads of time to write! Still working on my conference paper on writer's block so if anyone has anything to say about writer's block it'd be great to hear from you - pop over to Hesitant Scribe with your comments if you get a chance :)

The writing has been slow for me these last weeks, teaching more or less full time. I've been reading lots although the last novel I read was Caroline's ISoA! I'm thinking I need to take a step back and do some planning. I'm getting lost in the thick of my own ideas at the moment.

I put some writing up in a new blogspace though so if you're curious you can read some of my older short stories - feeling very brave here so please be constructive!!! It's at Hesitant Scribblings (link on my profile page).

Right - going to to do some work today. Definitely. Certain. Just making a coffee first and waiting for the rest of you to pop in...

and thanks Helen for initiating today's coffee break X

Rowan Coleman said...

Hello writers. First of all I haven't blogged in ages so apologies, the blog juices aren't flowing. The writing is going well though, I haven't updated my word count becuase I have forgotten how to! But I am now at 60K with a slightly revised plan for the second half. It's been a nice week, I went to the Harper Collins summer party on Wednesday at the V&A and met a lot of other writers which is always nice. Helen when you feel daunted I think the trick is to keep going even when you don't fee like it, it's probably like running a marathon (I'm sure I've made this analogy before even though I have never and will never run a marathon) you hit a wall but you just have to run right through it (though I find I have to bash my head against it for a while before I make that break though!)Anyway keep up the good work people!

KeVin K. said...

Slow week production-wise; many "real life" events getting in the way.

My plan for the next week is to finish up the last 2500 owrds on a 12k story I promised an anthology editor (write for hire) followed by sending out pitches to a couple of other write for hire markets then getting serious about my original novel. (By "serious" I mean I won't go looking for other write for hire work until it's done. Of course, if an editor calls with a solid job on short turnaround, I'll look to feeding my family first and get back to the novel after.)

ChrisH said...

After a terrible fit of 'stage fright' about my rewrite I've had to use every trick in the book to make myself start. I'm quite a planner and don't like to plunge in without a map (tragic or what?)but by the end of today I should be there.

I'm off next week for an intensive Welsh Course and then have my daughter's graduation to attend after that so won't make the next two coffee mornings but hope to be raring to go after that.

Here's wishing you all happy and productive writing.

leatherdykeuk said...

I'm getting on well with the new novel. Having sold one to a publisher that will never take a second, I find it a curious process to make each book self contained, as if it were the only one in a series. Target is to finish Dead Line by about mis-September and then plot for a NaNo novel.

Kate.Kingsley said...

Rowan, I love the analogy about runnign a marathon ~ so true!

And it sort of segues nicely into my weekly recap: I've astounded myself with my good behaviour this week, and haven't fallen off any wagons ~ I've applied a lot to the WIP: word count is up a bit, but doesn't give a true indication of the amount I've done, as there was a large amount scrapped, so it's been a three steps forward and two steps back on the word count, but hey, thats still one whole step forward on balance, right?

And I've been generally very focussd on everything else too ~ running training going great, been eating really healthily, no alcohol (doesn't sound like a great deal of fun, I grant you, but it has been).
However this has mainly all been down to fact that the husband has been working evenings all week ~ I think next week will see a return to my more usual state of "sod the running / writing / diet, open the wine & stick the Peep Show dvd in, darling!"

Have a great weekend, everyone

Kate K

PS: for those of you not UK based, Peep Show is a very very very very funny comedy show. Just realised this might have seemed to have some sort of "adult" connotation and that maybe you were wondering while I'd want to tell you all about my evenings spent watching xxx shows!

Kate.Kingsley said...

leatherdykeuk: why won't the publisher take a second book??

CTaylor said...

I may already have mentioned it (ha!) but I finished my novel on Sunday with 6,141 word final push to the end.

Since then I have written...


Feel slightly guilty for not writing (they say that something you do consistently for six weeks becomes a habit - so I must be suffering withdrawl symptoms) but I have formatted my novel and printed it out and am currently wading through self-help books on how to edit a novel so I can get started on that in a few weeks time when I've, hopefully, distanced myself from the novel a little.

Really want to start writing a few short stories to stop my brain from thinking about my novel but I'm a bit blocked at the moment. Hopefully it'll clear in time.

JJ said...

Hello you all
I'm breaking my blog holiday from my parents' hand cranked computer. I think I may even blog...

I had no intention of writing while I was in the on holiday, but French keyboards, French parental controls and IT illiterate in laws have thwarted any attempt to keep in touch! But I've eaten lots of cheese and bread and drunk lots of wine.

I must be thinking of my novel because I had a very bad dream while in France about snakes, which are a metaphor in the book.

Hopefully I will come back all refreshed.


Rowan Coleman said...

Kate, you are an icon and I look up to you! I often reflect that I am either writing OR. Either writing OR the house is tidy. Either writing OR I am doing exercise and eating healthy. Either writing OR conducting normal relations with friends and family. Wish I could do all at the same time! Cally congrats on getting that first draft done - now have a rest, the brain needs a rest now and then. You'll be thinking and imagining and writing in you head anyway, I don't doubt.

Fionamac said...

Hello everyone
Not a great week for me. Very little written as husband and sons have had manflu. I've got it now but its been demoted to a common cold so that I am still on lunch box making duty and other exciting things.
Feeling very under confident about book as you all seem so well read regarding 'How to Write' books. Haven't read any but am definately going to get See Jane and Wood for the Trees. I am also going to put my first chapter up on my blog tonight. Anyone suffering with insomnia will find it very helpful

Cathy said...

I've been revising for an exam next week so I haven't written anything. But I have been thinking about my novel.

I am very much at the beginning of it and having had a long break, I think I basically want to start again. I will probably do a major editing exercise on what I have written so far and adopt a different structure altogether.

I am going away for a few days after my exam, so will take a big notebook with me and work on some more thinking, planning and plotting while I am away.

I am looking forward to really starting to increase my word count over the school holidays, even if it is oly a 'shitty first draft'. I have been procrastinating over this novel for too long!

A. Writer said...

Hey everyone!

I've been writing my 2nd draft of my first book, INN,TW? This week I've done a grand total of over 4k words, which is pretty good considering I'm writing it out by hand.

Feeling really inspired and motivated so I'm looking to do so much more this weekend! Yay!

Jen said...

Oops, late as usual. Am blaming son's birthday this week. Sigh.

Not much writing done though I've been planning in my head and having way more thoughts than usual! Does that count? I'm going to make a big board with notes and piccies as some sort of framework to follow which I think will give me more momentum.

Fiona - See Jane Write is a fantastic book if you're interested in writing chick lit type stuff. It initially looks a bit frothy but it has loads of invaluable pointers and is written in a way that is totally inspiring.