Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Advice needed please

If I’m going to start trying to get some articles published I need to think about putting my clippings CV together (as well as a further off plan to get my website up and running). How far back do I go?

The first thing I remember having published was an article in the University newspaper in 1988 ish. But then when I started working I didn’t write again until the next set of articles in 1994 when I had another go at this writing lark during the babies phase. This is when I wrote my Pause for Thoughts for Radio 2.

Should I put everything in, even though it’s completely sporadic?

Does it make me look more amateur because I’ve played with it intermittently during my life? Since I started writing here in Bangkok I’ve definitely had an upturn in productivity, so maybe they’ll see I’m more serious. Does that mean I should leave out the early stuff?

If anyone has any advice for me, I'd be very grateful.



Jen said...

'Elo me luvverly. Personally, I would include the BBC Pause for Thoughts - the Beeb always looks prestigious - but not include the Uni stuff?

Your Bangkok writing should stand you in good stead when combined with Radio pieces.

Be interesting to see what the others reckon...


Helen said...

I agree with Jen. Definitely include the BBC, that will look really impressive.

liz fenwick said...

Ditto. Good luck :-)

Lane said...


Got to agree with the above...definately the BBC.
I've have been mightily sporadic too and the early pieces (including one about Pat Cash's bum circa 1985) are not only irrelevant but hugely embarrassing. However if it's stuff you're proud of, then yes, put it in.
Good luck
Lane x