Monday, 17 September 2007

Just popping in to introduce myself

Hello fellow novel racers. It feels great to write that. I've thought about joining the group for months, but for some reason (stark cowardice, most likely), I've always backed off. Although, given the warm welcome I've already received, my trepidation was completely unwarranted. Apart from sharing ideas with other writers and, let's be honest, shamelessly gleaning wisdom and tips from people more experienced than me, I think the accountability will do me some good. Might motivate me to finish what I used to call my funny, little story and now refer to as the #*&^%# novel from hell. Honestly, it's like a bad date - it just never seems to end.

I've been writer for many years but I have not yet had anything published. Not surprising, since I've only submitted one thing thus far. Submitting my manuscript was both thrilling and terrifying. Until then, the only people who had read anything I had written were friends and family members. It was a strange feeling knowing that my three chapters were sitting in a slush pile half way around the world waiting to be critiqued by a complete stranger, one with expertise no less. I'm currently filling small holes and polishing before I send it out again.

To those of you who have already read and posted comments on my blog, thanks very much. Your encouragement is greatly appreciated. Writing, as we all know, is a lonely job. I look forward to getting to know everyone better. Cheers!


Lane said...

Welcome Helen.
Nice to meet you:))

Sarah*G* said...

Welcome to Novel Racers Helen! :)
I am a newbie myself!

Flowerpot said...

welcome Helen and pleased to meet you - I only joined a few weeks ago, too.

ChrisH said...

Hi Helen, sending out is the key! Hope you find lots of encouragement here to do just that!

Jen said...

Hi Helen, welcome aboard.

Hope you're filled with submitting oomph - I'm just about to check the cupboard for mine!


Kate said...

Hello hello! Welcome!

B.E. Sanderson said...

I've found that while the writing itself pretty much has to be a lonely job (unless you're collaborating), the everything else about this business doesn't have to be lonely. Thank goodness for the internet.

Submitting is like jumping into cold water - after the first few rejections, you get used to it. And if you're a lucky polar bear, you never feel it at all. ;o)

Just keep submitting and polishing, and while you're at that, write something else.