Saturday, 8 September 2007

Hello from long lost Kate H

I hope it doesn't seem too impertinent to take up a whole post for myself but I just wanted to pop in and say hello. I am so excited to see that the Novel Racers has become such a cool community, and really pleased that the site was 'liberated' from my blog! I've been on a rather extended blog-break as I put the finishing touches to my pseudonymous novel (out in March), try to finish my latest KH novel by 1 November (currently at 69,000 words), and also - in a completely new departure - teach creativity and TV development to a group of senior Chinese TV execs.

I've been out in China in August and then the students are over here from next week. It's been a very steep learning curve, but exciting too, and given me lots of fodder for writing. But I seem to have no time to do anything but work at the moment (OK, so I did do some sight-seeing in fabulous Shanghai. And some very nice eating and drinking, too!).

I really hope to get back into Novel Racing and Blogging again from November onwards - when I begin my next project, a novel due in May 08. But in the meantime, I hope it's OK to draw Novel Racers' attention to two events I'll be doing in the North West on September 30 and October 1. The details of the first event are in the image below - not sure quite how much passion I can deliver, but there you are! The chocolate fountain sounds rather good and the venue looks GORGEOUS (it does cost £3 but that includes tea and cakes!). The second event is in Knutsford, at the Library, 7pm on Monday 1st. If you want more info, email me via my website. It'd be lovely to see some friendly faces and I am quite worried no-one will show so if you live in the area, please do check your diaries.

Lots of love, and happy racing,
Kate H


B.E. Sanderson said...

Hi Kate! Glad you're sort of back. We've been plugging right along over here. But I've been wondering where you've been. I'm happy to hear your work is going well. China sounds exciting, and your descriptions of your events make me wish I was over there to enjoy them. I hope you have fantastic turn-outs at both. =oD

CTaylor said...

Kate! How lovely to hear from you. Did I read you right - are you currently working on TWO novels AND teaching? Bloody hell! Well done.

What a shame I live in the South East rather than the North West or I would have loved to attend. Do let us know if do any workshops dan Saff. I'd definitely come!

JJ said...

Gorgeous authorly picture of you. Very exciting to hear of your news about the work with Chinese TV execs - having spent some time in China last year, I'd say that would definitely be interesting.
Looking forward to seeing you back more in Nov.

liz fenwick said...

Welcome back :-)

Kate.Kingsley said...

Hi Kate, great o hear from you again.

Not surprised you've been taking a blogging break ~ you sound BUSY!
Best wishes
Kate K