Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Cactus TV need 'amateur writers'

Just found this on t'interweb (I suspect my job is far too 'boring' to make for interesting TV but some of you might want to give it a go. UK writers only I'm guessing):

We make Richard & Judy for Channel 4 and as part of Channel 4’s Literacy week we are also making some specialist programmes. Four of these are for 3 Minute Wonders and we are looking for a selection of amateur writers to take part.


In the style of the parlour game ‘Consequences’, we will create four stories from scratch by asking writers, celebrities and children to write a paragraph each. We will follow each journey from start to finish. The story will be a complete and cohesive piece of work as contributors will read the story so far and add to it, incorporating their own style and personality.

Each of the four short films will be separate stories but with a similar format.

Each film with begin with a famous author starting the story off in their own style with an opening paragraph. Once the story has been on its journey it will arrive back with the author who will see what has happened to their idea, and will then finish the story off.

We are looking for some keen, amateur writers who have interesting day jobs to take on part of the story for us. We will film them reading and writing their contribution – which will be a short paragraph – and then pass the story on. We are looking for real characters who are enthusiastic and happy to appear on camera for a short moment.

Please contact Danielle Ellis ASAP if this sounds like something you are interested in outlining details of your occupation, age, location, preferred writing style/genre and whether you have ever been published. Filming will commence ASAP.
Contact email: danielle.ellis@cactustv.co.uk


Flowerpot said...

sounds interesting. Might give it a go. After all, any publicity is good publicity!

Graeme K Talboys said...

Kinda cuts out retired people, anyone unemployed, the disabled, carers, or anyone who works in a burger bar to make ends meet. But I guess they aren't pretty enough for TV.

(Sorry, pain killers aren't working today - best of luck to anyone considering this.)

Jen said...

Hmmm... I wonder if they'd be interested in my famous hoover swirls and life of domestic drudgery? Nah, s'pose not.

I knew it was a mistake to give up work ;0)

Go for it, Flowerpot!

KayJay said...

Well, I emailed them...and they called me back!

I guess that my day job is a little out of the ordinary, as I run a children's theatre company and am currently up to my armpits in panto dame wigs and 7 foot tall snowmen costumes! Does that make good telly?

Will let you know if it comes to anything...

CTaylor said...

Yay KayJay! How exciting. Definitely let us know if they film you and put you on t'telly! I'll set my video :o)

p.s. Panto Dame Wigs and 7 foot snowmen sounds like excellent TV. I can imagine you now, serenely reading to camera as all hell breaks loose behind you ;o)

Caroline said...

This is so exciting! KayJay's job sounds fabulous!

Kate.Kingsley said...

Well done , Kayjay.

I think my desk-bound admin job might not be quite what they're looking for.....

Kate K

hesitant scribe said...

Kayjay - how wonderful! Can't wait to hear what comes of it! I couldn't bear being on the telly I'm afraid, so won't be sending them an email. Besides, lecturer in English is hardly an interesting day job. Maybe I should've kept selling cds for the Peruvian band ont he Costa del Sol!