Wednesday, 24 October 2007

A Writer's Paradise

I have just found the perfect place to write. The Cairngorms National Park in the Scottish Highlands. It was truly magical, tranquil, lonely and incredibly atmospheric. I would definitely recommend it for a rented hideaway cottage, slap bang in the middle of nowhere, just an inquisitive deer or a timid capercaillie for company. You will definitely need transport, no corner shops or chippies in sight. Just the odd farm perched against a mountainous backdrop, miles away from civilisation. Bliss.

Crystal xx


KeVin K. said...

You'll take point on organizing the First Annual Novel Racers' Writing Retreat at Cairngorms then?
Post particulars soonest.
Very excited about this.

(The entire park isn't really made of smokey quartz, is it?)

liz fenwick said...

Sounds bliss :-)

Anonymous said...

Smokey quartz not sure about! Breathtaking scenery absolute.

It was bliss.

B.E. Sanderson said...

Sounds lovely, Crystal.

NoviceNovelist said...

Crystal - this sounds like paradise - I was just in the highlands last month and really didn't want to leave - kevin I like the idea of a NR writers retreat - great idea!!!!

Flowerpot said...

I'm ashamed to say I've never even been to Scotland. My education is sorely lacking.

KeVin K. said...

Well, I've never been to Scotland, either, and I really should have gone by now.
My brother spent a post-graduate year at the University of Edinburgh (something to do with theology).
My brother-in-law did his medical internship at Western General Hospital (also, I think, in Edinburgh).
So there is obviously a tradition of men in my generation traveling to Scotland to further their educations and careers. I figure my coming over for a Novel Racers' writers' retreat qualifies.
(Of course, they both had scholarships and/or financial aid. That may be a bit more difficult to work out.)

Cairngorm is a yellow quartz with brown swirls or haze. So Cairngorm National Park gives me the mental image of great monoliths of crystal among the rolling hills.

A. Writer said...

I live in Scotland and I've been up the Cairngorms a couple of times and I would think it would be the perfect place for peace and quiet.

I sometimes don't appreciate where I live but when I hear other's praising it, I feel lucky.

Anonymous said...

a. writer - oh I think you are very lucky! I would definitely live up there.

Kevin - thank you for answering the question about smokey quartz.

Crystal xx

david mcmahon said...

Sounds idyllilc. Absolutely wonderful. But as a father of three I write my novels to the joyous cacophony of children engaged in life!!!!

Sarah*G* said...

a.writer - i couldn't agree more. i was brought up in edinburgh an dleft when i was 18 to go live in michigan. didn't realise what a beautiful city edinburgh was until i started returning for visits to family. as for the cairngorms one of my best friends goes there a lot and she is always telling me i should go visit. not got around to it yet though.
david - i too do my writing surrounded by the noise of 2 young children banging around the place and husband trying his hardes to be quiet but actually making more noise than he would normally! i think the noise helps in a odd sort of way!

wordtryst said...

Sounds like the perfect place to write. I'll add it to my dream list, and I'm definitely in on the NR retreat idea. Not that I can afford anything like that anytime soon...