Tuesday, 11 December 2007

As 2007 gets ready to say goodbye

This is usually the time of year that families I know start gearing up for Christmas and getting ready for the family arguments over the dinner table and worrying if dear old uncle Albert will get pissed again and disclose a dark family secret to all and sundry. I have always loved Christmas mainly due to the twinkly lights and decorations and endless parties. However, being Scottish and from Edinburgh, Hogmanay was always a bigger deal with my family. The one time of year we could get absolutely bladdered and kiss complete strangers in a cold and usually windy Edinburgh City Centre! The other thing about New Years is people asking "So what are your Resolutions going to be this year?" I am not usually one to make New Years resolutions as I can never keep them. If anyone asks if I have one I always say to give up smoking. (That is easy as pie as I have never started!) Anyway, I prefer to look back over the year and think about what I have accomplished over the year. Much more positive than trying to think about what I want to change about myself! (That list would go on for days!)
So for me, the things I am happy that I managed to do this year are: in no particular order

1. Start my writing again. As starting is the hardest thing it would be a shame now to stop.
2. Pass my driving test at the 7th attempt.
3. Get to a stage with my writing that I can see it all coming together and ideas, funny and serious, coming into my head at ridiculous times that I just have to write down and giggle at sometimes no matter where I am. (I love making strangers think I am a loon!)
4. Most of all I am happy that I am doing something I love to do and that I have met (in the internet type way) like minded people that I can share ideas, struggles, inspiration and advice with.

I can only hope that 2008 will see me continue full steam ahead with my writing and maybe, just maybe get someone else, like an agent or publisher, to look at it and say "Hey this is good. Other people should be able to wander into their local bookstore, part with their hard earned cash and buy this!"

What is everyone else happy to have accomplished this year?


Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Ooh, lovely post, great question! I am happy to have finished a novel, I've been starting them for years and years but now I've finally finished one, and I've begun submitting it to agents, I'm glad about that too. I'm also happy that I've started another novel and am making progress with it.

Graeme K Talboys said...

Well, I edited a collection of poetry and short prose called 'First Class: Early Works of the Nearly Famous', now available on Amazon. I got two thirds into my novel and now that Christmas is organised I can get back to that and the sequels. Patricia Cori wants to interview me on radio in the new year. So not a bad year at all.

B.E. Sanderson said...

I accomplished the first drafts of three books, got one of those almost ready to submit and finished polishing another one. I also submitted short stories to two contests (a first for me). I'm still plugging away despite rejections, and I've learned, if not to let go of my first book, to at least let it sit in the back and wait. =o)

Lane said...

Ask me in a couple of weeks and I'll say I'm happy to have accomplished finishing the first draft. It will be a messy draft and have huge gaps in it but at least there will be something to work with (I hope).

I'm also pleased to have found blogging and The Racers. Not really an accomplishment but it has been the best thing to happen this year writing wise. It's helped so much to have got to know so many other writers, all at various stages, but all speaking the same language.

Well done on your achievements Sarah:-) Keep going!

wordtryst said...

I like this approach to the New Year; you get to focus on the achievements rather than the deficiencies.

This has been the year when I sold my first novel, so I feel pretty hyped about that. I've just completed my first editor-directed revision of the manuscript, and that has been immensely rewarding. And I finally started my own blog in June, which has brought me great satisfaction, laughter, and the feeling of connectedness with other writers that is invaluable to me. Long live the blogosphere!

I can't forget to mention - Novel Racers! I became a member of this great community of writers. Not a bad year at all.