Monday, 7 January 2008

Discovering Adam?

Does anyone know what happened with the diary entry competition at Discover Adam? Caroline? Your book was the prize. It's not so much that I never got my winnings but that it was never mentioned again. I worked hard to get that many people to vote (mostly via livejournal) and not so much as a "Sorry we cancelled the competition because we didn't like your entry"

I'm a bit peeved about it.

EDIT: Just to say that although I've no idea what happened with regard to the competition, Caroline stepped in and sent me a copy of her book out of her own pocket, which she really didn't need to do but many thanks.

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Caroline said...

I wish that you'd emailed me directly with this as I really don't know and I may have missed this post here. I didn't organise the competition, but I'll get you an answer and your prize.
Can you please email me at and I'll sort this out?

Caroline x