Friday, 29 February 2008

Blog Roll

Hi All,

Just a quickie before coffee morning starts - can you email me if you want me to list you on my novel racers blog roll as I'm sooo out of date with it all. I think loads of people are missing but what with chemo-brain and all (my excuse and sticking to it!), I can't work out who, what, or where!

I think it's good for all our blogs to have links on each others' pages so do let me know if you want linking. Email addy on blog page.

Many thanks,


P.S. Have just spent hours going through the list and amending it one by one only to have my internet connection go down and lose it all! Argh!


Please check my blog for your listing before emailing me...


Also, we don't have to link to everyone - I just thought it would be nice is all :)


Kate.Kingsley said...


You've got me on there Lisa, so thanks for that ~ and thanks also for the timely reminder, as I haven't updated mine in a while ~ I shall endeveour to do so this weekend!

wordtryst said...

I began adding everyone one at a time and gave up, or rather, postponed it, because I have dial-up and it was taking forever to get to everyone's profile and then try to figure out which of their several blogs I should link to. But I'll get back to it. Hopefully sooner rather than later.