Friday, 22 February 2008


I have been absent for a while. (Thanks for checking up on me, Liz.)

There was what the brass is calling a restructuring at my day job. There are now fewer admin types than there once was. Instead of disappearing with the people, their duties have somehow trickled down onto the shoulders of those of us in the direct-care dept. (None of the free-up wages came with the orphaned work, oddly enough.) Had a period of sixty-hour weeks which I have managed to trim to fifty, but that's about as short as they're likely to get.

The loss of time -- and, more importantly -- emotional energy has resulted in reduced time online. I haven't been here, I haven't been visiting y'all's blogs, I haven't been posting thoughtful essays on my own Live Journal….
And I haven't been writing.
Well, okay, I've been writing a little. But it's taking me a week to produce a normal day's worth of useable words. All of my carefully worked out schedules for the year have been thrown out the window.

I'm still here. I'm still in the race. I'm just not a visible as I was.
I'll keep y'all posted on how things are going.


JJ said...

Kevin, I'm sorry I hadn't noticed you were gone as I'm still reading your blog. Those weeks sound hideous.

hesitant scribe said...

I hope things improve for you soon. I'm another one who is crap at visiting everyone's blogs so can sympathise with you - sometimes life makes it difficult to say the least. Hang on in there.

L-Plate Author said...

Hey Kevin, and I posted on my blog that I've been told off by the Bloke from Stoke for spending too much time blogging and not enough keeping him happy...I'm mean not enough writing!

Like you said to me right at the beginning, there's so much interesting stuff on other people's blogs that I've had to limit myself to visiting two or three at a time every couple of days.

Hope everything slows down for you soon. x

Debs said...

I sounds horrendous, I hope work eases a little soon.

wordtryst said...

I did notice your absence here over the past few weeks. The joys of the day job...

Hope your schedule improves soon.

CC Devine said...

You have been quiet of late. Hope that things calm down and that you get a bit of 'me time' back soon. I'm feeling the heat a bit myself at the moment so can sympathise.

liz fenwick said...

Thanks for dropping by - was a little worried..... good luck with all the changes :-)