Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Fast Fictions

Good evening fellow Racery types,

I hope all of your novels are going well, and those of you who are heading into foreign climes are looking forward to the Racers' Meet!

I would just like to take this moment for a little bit of self-pimping, as my Fast Fictions are now (slowly) being posted on my blog. The titles and one word of each Fiction are chosen by someone other than myself. Some are my RL friends, some are internet writers, some even Novel Racers!

Fast Fictions is a project by one of my friends, Lee Barnett, who can be found on Livejournal as budgie_uk - he does 200 word stories with 4 word titles, among other writings. I asked if I could do 250 words with 5 word titles, and he said yes. Go visit him, he likes people.

Please drop by my blog and have a nosey or a comment, after all some of you were kind enough to give me titles and words to include.

Thanks very much and I apologise for that wholeheartedly selfindulgent post :D



Leatherdykeuk said...

Ah! I have you on RSS feed and read them all. Sorry that i don't always comment, though

Lane said...

Not self indulgent at all! I'll drop over:-)

Rowan Coleman said...

Sounds good to me, will drop by.

In my writing class I had my students writing short stories that were six words long in the form of a classified add - after the Hemmingway short story that legend has it he wrote for a bet. It's called 'Children's Shoes' and reads, if I remember correctly. 'For Sale: Baby shoes. Never Worn.'

No-one knows if he really did write it not, but either way its a work of genius and a great excercise for concerntrating the mind and throwing up a welath of ideas that can then later be developed into longer stories and ideas.

That's my oar in!