Thursday, 17 April 2008

Writers Workshops

Helen, from Cornerstones, asked me if I would let you all know about the workshops below. I've held fire for a few days as so as not to butt in on the coffee day post - it was such a good one.

I also wondered how many of you have been to a writers workshop? I like the idea of them because a. they're cheaper than a whole week and b. if I left home for a week, the pirate would start having bonfires in the garden - why do men do that? - and the
teenagers would have inflicted GBH on each other. The dogs would have got fed either and that would be the worst thing.

I think Cornerstones have more dates for September which I might try and save up for. Anyway, for your perusal:

Advanced Picture Book Workshop July 16th - London
Advanced Writers' Workshop (adult fiction) on May 19-21st - Oxford

Agents will be attending the guest sessions and because they'll be advanced writers they'll be keeping an eye out for new talent (as will we). x

Helen Corner
tel: 020 8968 0777
mob: 07971 457358

Listed by The Society of Authors
Scouts for leading literary agents


Kate.Kingsley said...

Thanks for posting the info Fiona.

The only workshops I have been to were the ones arranged as part of my OU course, and I have to say I found them really useful ~ loads of the stuff tht started off as exercises there had great potential for development.
And best of all, no one laughed when I read my stuff out ~ in fact it was rather well received!

Clare Sudbery said...

I've run a few, but I've never been a customer. I did attent half a term of an evening class in creative writing once though. I think I might feel one workshop wasn't enough. I like the idea of doing an OU degree or MA or something one day, and really getting stuck in to the meat of something...

KeVin K. said...

I've been to some awful ones and some terrific ones. By far my favorite were the ones I attended with the Oregon Coast Professional Writers' Workshops -- these range from a weekend to two weeks. You really need to do your homework on the presenters and critiquers and editors and agents (which is why internet is handy) before you decide where you're going to invest your time and energy and money.