Friday, 16 May 2008

Orna Ross interview

On Sunday 18th May I'll be hosting an interview with Orna Ross on my blog. Orna is the author of Lovers' Hollow and is also a literary agent (Font Literary) and creative writing teacher, so she is uniquely placed to answer questions both on the craft and the business side of writing. A few weeks ago Caroline Smailes hosted her and it was a great success; lots of people dropped by with questions for Orna which she answered promptly and everyone had a good time.

Since I'm in the Caribbean and visitors to my blog are scattered around the globe, we're doing things a little differently. Visitors may leave their questions in the comment trail all day Sunday and Orna will post her responses on Monday.

The blog will be open for questions from 6AM Sunday 18th to 6AM Monday 19th May - UK time.
That translates to:
1AM Sunday to 1AM Monday - US Eastern time / Caribbean time
3AM Sunday to 3AM Monday - US Pacific time
Midday Sunday to midday Monday in Thailand (waves to JJ).
9AM Sunday to 9AM Monday in Dubai (waves to Liz)

And so on. Everyone is welcome to drop by with their writing, agenting and publishing questions! Several people did not get to ask their questions of Orna when Caroline hosted; I couldn't get in myself, it was so crowded in there! Here's another chance - apart from which, I'll be simply mortified if nobody showed up. So come on over!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I was lucky enough to have a coule of questions answered by Orna and I have printed off her answers and pinned them to my wall. Well worth a visit for me personally, who is in the process of writing a first book and needs lots of good advice and constructive critism. I enjoyed reading all the questions and answers as some related to things I needed to know also.

CJ xx

Lane said...

Thank you. I'll definitely come on over. The last one was extremely useful!