Monday, 14 July 2008


First I gave birth to first draft of third novel, and now it's the baby!

I know tons of you have already come over to Boob Pencil and congratulated me (for which, many thanks), but for those that don't yet know...

Oscar Eric Sudbery was born on Sunday 13th July at 10:14pm and weighed 10 lb 2 oz (4.62 kg).

And I did it all by myself. Natural birth, one small tear, lots of yoga, second stage only 9 minutes long, no shoulder dystocia or other horror stories which medical personnel had been filling my head with (they were predicting that he would be over 11lb and might therefore have all sorts of complications).

Mind you, it took a while.

But anyway, am very pleased and proud.

Hurrah for babies!



JJ said...

I've been over to Boob Pencil, but it does no harm at all to say: well done you bloomin' clever woman. Congrats to the whole family!

Anonymous said...

Many congratulations!!! What a whopper!

Enjoy your new found love.

CJ xx

liz fenwick said...

My eyes are watering. Well done and huge congratrs and hugs to you all.


DOT said...

Wooooeee! Congratulations!! He is a big lad. Well done.

Paige said...

Awww... congratulations! Well done you!

I love the name Oscar!


Cathy said...


Twice the size of my first son...eek. Great name too.


Lucy Diamond said...

Hurrah indeed - to babies and of course to you, supermum. Give Oscar a big kiss from the Novel Racers xxx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Clare. Make sure Oscar joins Novel Racers, as soon as he can read!

hesitant scribe said...

Congratulations! Well done - 10lb 2oz?!!! Ouch! And 9 mins 2nd stage - gotta be a record! I had both of mine naturally - way to go!

Oh babies are wonderful!

Clare Sudbery said...

He was predcited as well over 11lb, so 10lb 2oz seems small! But isn't really, I know.

He's very hungry!

Pics here.

Thanks all for lovely comments.


ChrisH said...

Ah, lovely news. Congratulations you and very well done! (Phew!!) Now off to have a look at the pics.

Debs said...

Many congratulations, how clever you are. I love his name too. Mind you, over 10lb, ouch.

Off to your blog now.

Lane said...

Congratulations Clare! I hope you're being waited on hand and foot:-)

B.E. Sanderson said...

Congratulations, Clare! I hope you're recuperating well, and like Lane said, that they're waiting on you hand and foot. =o)

Fiona said...

A very warm welcome to Oscar. You must be exhausted. Well done you!

wordtryst said...

Ooh, he's a big boy. My son was just under 7 lbs and getting him out here was no picnic, so you must be all in, but very happy indeed.

Warm welcome to the brand new Oscar.