Thursday, 4 September 2008

A launch

I am duplicating again, sorry.

Just to say that the details of the launch of Black Boxes are on my blog today.

Black Boxes was written as part of the Novel Race last year and I'd be thrilled if some/any of the Novel Racers could make it to this London launch/reception/scary thing.


At Borders Oxford Street
On Thursday, September 25 2008
From: 6:30pm



Helen Shearer said...

Congratulations on the launch! I will be there in spirit.

CC Devine said...

I'd love to come and work just 15 mins from Ox St so no excuse not to make it. Will be great to meet you and support such a wonderful cause!

Lane said...

Won't be able to make it I'm afraid. All the very best with the launch!

Caroline said...

Helen and Lane - thank you.

cc devine - will be great to meet you and to see a friendly face!


Debs said...

I would have loved to have been able to go but am in London the previous week, so won't be able to.

Shall be thinking of you though.


wordtryst said...

Congratulations on the launch, Caroline! So wish I could be there! I'll be thousands of miles away but my thoughts will be with you.

DK Green said...

congratulations and hope it goes brilliantly! Sorry we can't make it x

Caroline said...

Thanks and I know that you'll be there in spirit. I think a few NRs will be there now and I'm really looking forward to seeing friendly faces :)