Monday, 22 September 2008

Novel Racer Alum - Julia Williams

Here's a little plug for one our NR Alums Julia Williams aka Jane Henry. Her second book - Strictly Love - is out and there a competition to win a copy here.

Does anyone else know how the rest of the alum pack are doing? It would be brilliant to have an update - or even a reunion coffee?????


Jane Henry said...

Hello, Liz and other Novel Racers. Thanks for posting the comp. I do hope you'll all come over and join in. Apart from anything else if you're into your TV Rob's blog is great fun.

Corks do I count as an NR Alumni. What an honour.

The only reason I dropped out was because I kept trying to join and for some reason finding it impossible. I may well be back in the next few weeks as have very very tight deadline.

Hoping you are all well and that your writing is going even better.

lots of love
Juliax aka Jane Henry, just to confuse you all!

Juliette M said...

I saw Strictly Love in the shops today! It's on my to-buy list, as I loved Pastures New. Well done Jane/Julia on your second book :)

I'm currently halfway through Kate Harrison's latest, The Secret Shopper's Revenge - it's great fun.