Monday, 1 September 2008

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry

Dear Racers

I am so sorry I couldn't make my post on Friday. It was one of those weeks. Racing head long to delivery date when everything else goes out of the window - eating, cleaning, making the bed, stocking the fridge, getting dressed....actually at least four out of five of those thing regularly get neglected whatever I'm doing, but anyway, the day after delivery - and I made it by the way, bar the last three chapters which I'm still working on and will be in tomorrow dear editor - I took my little girl to the Isle of Wight for four days. I have decided I love the I.O.W (that's how cool people refer to it) stayed in the most amazing haunted house called Arreton Manor which I strongly recommend especially if you like scaring about twenty tourists by accidentally interrupting a twilight ghost walk on you way back to you room. (my daughter and I did, we particularly enjoyed the screaming) As I delivered (most of) book late on Tuesday and then literally had to pack and go I forgot to pre-post my coffee morning. No probs I thought, there'll be wireless on the I.O.W. There was not. Not that I could find, nor anywhere to plug into. Thankfully I managed to get hold of Liz via my mobile at the last minute and she stepped in, so thank you very much Liz - I owe you one. And if anyone would like me to take over their post in the near future let me know, I'm back chained to my desk now.

On a related note - congratulations Calistro!! Sorry to come late to the party. I knew you'd do it, you have taken a massive step to getting nearer to your dream and I'm thrilled for you.


Calistro said...

Thanks Rowan. And well done of hitting your deadline! I'm a BIG fan of the Isle of Wight too - just love the place.

Graeme K Talboys said...

Ooh. My brother and his wife were there a couple of weeks ago. Clearly the place to be.

Flowerpot said...

Well done Rowan - no wonder you;re T&E! I've never been to the IOW - it sounds worth a visit.

CC Devine said...

I love the IOW. Had a many fab childhood holidays there so must go back one of these days.

Well done on reaching that deadline final three chpts notwithstanding.

wordtryst said...

Ditto, well done on the deadline. Your description of scaring the tourists out of their wits had me laughing out loud.