Friday, 24 October 2008

Coffee Break - Christmas Is Coming

I know, I'm sorry, I used the C-word. But it will be upon us two months from now. Which means that we have just one-sixth of the year left in which to achieve our writing ambitions for 2008. Some of us have done amazingly well already – off the top of my head, Kate has had her fifth novel published, Lucy has had her second novel published, Clare's agent has sold her second book to Germany, Caroline's first book has been translated into Italian and her second published in English, Liane's first book has been published, Fiona's petsitting book has been published, Cally has found an agent, Flowerpot, Clare and Graeme have finished first drafts, Mel and Paige have finished rewrites, and I'm sure there's lots of other good news around so please don't be cross if I've left yours out.

Others have done less well. For example, me. Words written on the WIP in 2008: 0. Back in January, I was intending to finish the first draft of Novel Two this year. However, I've been struggling with re-drafting Novel One (and you all know about the critique saga so I won't bore you with that again) and as a result Novel Two has been lying dormant. I now need to do another re-draft of Novel One, and I'm preparing for that, but I don't expect to have the time I'll need to get properly stuck in until late December or more likely January 2009. Once I get Novel One out to agents in its next incarnation, I'll get going again on Novel Two. As it's a sequel, there doesn't seem much point in working on it until I'm feeling more confident about Novel One.

But I have had some other good news. While the novels were floundering, I started writing short stories for women's magazines. One was placed as runner-up in a competition earlier in the year, and then I sold my first short story to a magazine. My aim for the rest of 2008 is to sell two more short stories to different mags, so that when I send out my novel to agents again, my writer's CV will have an up-to-date gleam. I've got several stories out there so I'm in with a chance. And I want to make a start on the re-draft of Novel One.

So here are my questions for all of you: what were your plans for the year at the start of 2008? How have you done so far? What do you want to achieve by the end of the year?


wordtryst said...

Am I first? Unbelievable! That's because it's going on 2 am in this part of the world and I haven't gone to bed yet!

Congrats on the sale, Zinnia, and on the competition placing. And to all those other Racers who have been making huge strides this year.

My main writing goal for 2008 was a complete rewrite of novel #2. I've done quite a bit of overhauling but I'm not yet satisfied it's the best it can be. I've gone through several 'final edits', and another is due. Hopefully, this will be the last and then I'll submit it to the agent and wash my hands of it.

Then I want to take a break from writing romance. The other novel (16,000 written, mainstream, I think) has been pulling at my skirt whining me! me! and I've been ignoring it because I need to get #2 out the door. The first draft of the memoir has also been muttering and cursing in the background. These are the ones I'd like to focus on next, hopefully before the year ends.

Debs said...

Great post, Zinnia and everyone else who's done so well. I can't believe we have so little time left to to everything.

This year I wanted to finish the redraft of novel 3, which I did but now since receiving my encouraging NWS report back from the RNA, I still need to do a little work on it and intend sending it out in the next month or so.

I also wanted to have something published, and was thrilled that I had a piece included in the War Child anthology, You're Not The Only One earlier this year. I hoped to be paid for something too and was thrilled to sell a piece to My Weekly. My writing course is coming along really well too, which is a relief as I started off rather slowly with that.

I still need to keep working on the short stories, but taking part in Slingink is certainly helping me keep up the pressure on that front.

Naturally my biggest aim is to be published, and that I still have to keep working towards, but I'm moving on with novel 4 and learning so much with each one that I write. I definately feel like I'm working through an apprenticeship, just need to make sure that I improve as I go along.

So by the end of the year, I want novel 3 out doing the rounds, #4 finished and more short stories submitted to magazines.

Kate said...

Great post, Zinnia, and congratulations on your short story successes – and also to everyone else who has been celebrating success this year. And yes, Debs, how can it be nearly November already?
I am a bit of a manic goal-setter and mine for 08 were: to finish my seventh book, to begin my eighth, to secure a new publishing contract (for 8&9), and to write in a different area: either a play or a YA book. I have finished book 7, bar some edits – although that took longer than planned because of the abandoned book that didn’t work but took up the early part of the year. I’ve got a new contract, taking me through to 2010 (which is bogglesome – my first book was published in 2003 so that’ll be seven years!). I’m about to start book 8 on a retreat at Arvon. I haven’t had time or energy to write in a different area although I have signed up to a play-writing course and want to make a start on that at some point. Perhaps in the afternoons on the retreat ;)
But on the plus side, I’ve lost a lot of the weight I’d put on due to sitting on my bottom writing, and I’ve started taking regular exercise, which DOES contribute very positively to my writing life! I’m in the process of a project to connect various writers in my genre including designing a website. I’ve met lots of the Novel Racers which has been a privilege. And I’ve survived a Big Birthday without too much trauma…so overall I am pretty happy with how it’s gone.
In November my 5th book is out in paperback so I am hoping that does OK. In December I’m due to be doing more of my teaching to Chinese TV execs. And by the end of December I want 20,000 words of new novel written, plus perhaps an act of a play? Oh, and to be able to run 5K in 33 minutes.

Up the Novel Racers, eh? Can’t wait to hear what everyone else has achieved!

Flowerpot said...

Congratulations to EVERYONE because we're all writing and we're all making progress. That's how I see it anyway. My plans are - well, varied. This year has seen a real boost in my journalism earnings which is great but with the recession - who knows? I am sending out last novel to agents and had 2 look at the entire ms which means I'm getting closer. I also got an amazing tribute from a top London agent who loved my style but said it wasnt her kind of novel could I send something else? So that one's seeking another agent. I'm also rewriting novel 2 and have ideas for a non-fiction book. This might sound as if I've got a huge amount going on which I suppose I have but it's all quite manageable. A few months ago I would ahve freaked out at the idea of trying to get my brain round it all but it's OK. Like most of us, I just need to sell a book or two!

Helen said...

Due to the massive lump I am carrying on the front of my tummy some of my plans for the year have gone completely out of the window. Others have come along unexpectedly.

At the beginning of this year I started plans for my second novel whilst my first rested in the drawer. I was also writing voluntarily for Trashionista with occasional reviews and a column called Helen's Heroines.

Then, I think it was May, I was asked to work for Trashionista properly and now I am being paid to read and write about books. My dream job!

The fictional writing has suffered as a result as I write 2 posts a day for Trashi and coping with morning sickness then pregnancy fatigue coupled with looking after my son and the builders - I didn't feel like writing much more.

For the rest of this year? Well, my priority is to deliver my baby safely, to properly rest and recover afterwards (last time we moved house immediately after having the baby. Mad I know.), enjoy Christmas and crack on with novel number one which has been speaking to me lately.

Well done to everyone elses achievements. They all sound impressive.

Helen said...

Oh and I forgot to say also, like Debs, I was published in the War Child anthology, You're Not The Only One. A fab year.

Lucy Diamond said...

Ooh, I felt all tingly reading that post and the above comments. Novel Racers rock!
My main writing goal for 2008 were to finish my third novel, which I did back in June, hoorah. I've had a lengthy wait on the contract for my third and fourth novel though, but apparently everything has been agreed now and I should be able to sign on the dotted line very very soon (phew).
On the children's books front, I started the new year with a new agent, who is proving to be wonderful, a real ally and very dynamic, so I feel really positive about working with her. I've been busy with a lot of existing children's book deadlines so far this year but last month I finished a couple of projects and had the time and head space to put together two new series proposals which my agent has sent to two different publishers. I just heard on Wednesday that one of them (a six-book series for girls) has got through the acquisitions meeting, and so I should be getting an offer for publication next week, which I'm really pleased about. No news yet on the other proposal, but one out of two will do me, frankly!

I've just started skirting around the edges of my fourth novel now. I am conscious of the possibility of 'Mid-list doom' ie, that if I haven't made superstardom by my fourth novel, I might not get another book deal, so I am going to chuck everything into it and hopefully pull off a big weepie. (Oh, I love the optimism you have before you've even finished chapter one!) So by the end of 2008, I'd like to have a good 10-15,000 words of this novel in the bag, and get the thumbs up on this from my agent and editor. There. That's not too much to ask for, is it?

DOT said...

Goodness me I seem to have stumbled into a group of high achievers. Congratulations everyone on your impressive output.

My year has been up and down. I have really struggled with my first book but it is coming together and I am determined to have the first draft completed by the end of the year - my target is by my birthday at the start of December. I have a second completely blocked out (though it is of a different genre from my first) and have written a couple of chapters.

One question: do writers generally find writing their first novel a chaotic process in the sense that they have yet to establish a process or routine of writing? If so, does the writing of subsequent books become easier?

Cathy said...

I started the year with the ambition of having the first draft of my novel finished by December.

Then life got in the way.Those of you who visit my blog probably already know that I have been juggling several than one literally life or death situations in the family this year. The writing dried up.

I have just made an 'end of year resolution' to commit to my novel and am enthused again. It does mean going back and rewriting quite a lot, but as I initially wrote it with a fuzzy head on strong medication, that is not entirely surprising.

On a positive side I set up and edit booksersatz, a book blog which welcomes positive reviews by anyone of books in any genre. I have just had a piece requested and accepted for the Picador books blog, which will hopefully be published there next week. I've also just started the OU Advanced Creative Writing course which will add another dimension to my writing tool kit, in the form of screenwriting.

Cathy said...

Sorry, previous post doesn't make sense...should read several literally life or death situations...

Caroline said...

Oh gosh, this year has been a tough one. I started the year with niggles that all wasn't right with my publisher and then in February they went into liquidation. This year has been really tough from a personal viewpoint and I have been so close to giving up on my writing dream. I felt that all of the hard work had been wasted.

But I kept going. I don't even know if I had a choice not to! And now I think that I have proved to myself just how much I want to be a writer.

Of course the liquidation happened, but then HarperCollins happened and novel 3 happened. The impact of this year has been on sales of the paperback of Adam (the books were recalled 4 weeks after being published because of the liquidation) and the distribution of Black Boxes has gone very wrong. But the books are still there and I'm still here, a little bruised but determined to keep fighting.

I went back to Malta this year and found something I'd lost 11 years ago. I wrote novel 3 all about it and I really really hope that I can place it before the end of this year. Novel 3 is the most important thing that I've written. It is a love story of sorts and I need this novel to have the backing of a publisher. I think that another 'failed' novel will end my writing career - so this one is my last chance :(

I would like to go into 2009 without the baggage of this year. I would like it to be a new fresh start ...

Oh and Z - Merry Christmas :) x

Leatherdykeuk said...

Wow! What achievements have been made. I intend to write another novel in the last two months - 2K a day, anyone? but in december - fingers crossed - Novel #1 will be on sale. There'll be a virtual launch party followed by a physical one in the new year.

Congrats on the sales, Zinnia :) and on the icon picture, too.

ChrisH said...

Hmm, feel a bit emotional now! I'm delighted for other Novel Racers, really great news and lots of Reasons to be Cheerful there. On the other hand I feel very disappointed with myself. After slogging away with Novel 1 and rewriting it to agent's suggestion it was a real bummer when she said, 'Great! But, no thanks!'. I then pitched a synosis to a smaller publisher who asked for sample chapters... and that's where it's sitting at the moment. I know I shouldn't be sitting around but how this one stands or falls rather dictates the direction I go in. Actually, even I can see this a bit thin... ok, next goal - to really get stuck in to novel 2. On the plus side I have run my first half marathon which has taught me a lot about hanging on in there! Oh, also doing A215 to branch out in other directions. Truly, well done everyone.

Rowan Coleman said...

Hello all - well done to all of you for getting so much done! Its amazing. This year I've had three books published RUBY PARKER MUSICAL STAR, THE ACCIDENTAL WIFE and last week ANOTHER MOTHER'S LIFE in the USA which is doing quite well and has been named 'An Indie Next Notable Book' which is also quite good apparently.... My goal was to write three book by the end of the Year, the next Ruby, THE ACCIDENTAL FAMILY and the first in my new kids paranormal series. Well considering the ups and downs I've had this year I'm please to report that I got two of those done, both Ruby and AF are now at page proof stage and will both be out in Feb 2009 as will MOMMY BY MISTAKE (the u.s title for THE BABY GROUP) which is also at page proof stage and will also be out in the USA in Feb 2009 (books are like buses...) But I've yet to start on Weirdsville which is an idea I've been waiting to get cracking on for two years now. I'm starting it on November 1st - will I get it done by Jan 1st? I'll keep you posted! Too early to talk about 2009? I can't wait to get cracking on new work. Its always so exciting.

Rowan Coleman said...

p.s I blogged for the first time in 5 months! It's frankly really quite a dull blog but if you fancy dropping by and leaving a comment it would be nice. I'm hoping to be a better blogger, blog commenter now!Rx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recap on publications, Zinnia. I'll use this as a starting point for adding more book covers to the new gadget.

Very well done with the short stories. That's great news and great achievements.

As for myself: this year I wanted to finish Insight, the co-authoring project. It's looking like it will be done by February 2009, so not too bad. I also wanted to submit a short story but haven't done this, even though it's been finished for ages. Somebody please tell me what's holding me back. I also wanted to make significant headway into The Bridge Across Forever but instead worked on Blood on the Rooftops. Both are novels, so I'm not too worried about the switch of focus; they're not related. Oh and I started Asteroid, my blog story, for a bit of fun and distraction. We all need distractions, don't we. Don't we?

For 2009 I'll simply continue with my bi-weekly sprints, to keep all these projects moving. And I won't be starting any more projects! If I do, you all have my permission to come around and beat me with a blunt instrument.

Shameless self-plug: if you want to see a snippet from Blood on the Rooftops, then click here.

Happy humbug everyone. Congratulations to all. Some of you are so prolific it's mind-boggling. Really excellent achievements and some good hard work towards them for those of us still struggling. This is truly a great community and a source of encouragement. Long may it continue.

Juliette M said...

Congratulations to all those who have done well so far - you all deserve it!

I'd like to really crack on in the last 2 months of 2008. I've got one chapter left to go before I've finished my first book, then it will be proofread and edited and critiqued, and then I'll be looking into securing an agent and a publishing contract if I can. I'd like to get a full draft of book 2 on the way to being finished too.

Rachel - congratulations! Can't wait to read your novel.

sheepish said...

It really is great to see how well everyone has done this year especially Zinnia's short stories. I had hoped to have finished the first draft of my novel before now but it was not to be. I am still trying to be finished by the end of the year but I won't beat myself up if it doesn't happen. I am just happy to be writing again.
Seeing other Novel Racers making big strides spurs me on and I know I will get there. The support we all get and give when it's needed is amazing and not something I expected when I first started blogging. What a great group of people to be a part of. Congrats to all who have been published this year.

Graeme K Talboys said...


Good on the lot of you.

My main goal was to finish drafting 'Thin Reflections', which I did. I'm now well into a re-write and want that finished before Christmas so I can start getting it out to agents.

A short story of mine has been picked up by the online magazine Exterminating Angel (and will appear in November).

I've been developing a couple of non-fiction projects, but they go as slowly as ever.

I had hoped to be well stuck into the OUs 3rd level CW course by now, by I am bitterly disappointed by it and may well drop out. That's still very much in the balance.

NoviceNovelist said...

Thanks Zinnia - this is a great post, it's nice to have a catch up. It's also inspiring to hear of the hard work,discipline and successes of the past year. Like a few of my fellow racers my year started with a death in the family and out of my grief I discover that I'm not the writer I thought I was. This is surprising to me and actually a good thing. It's meant that I wrestled with editing my completed first novel and last month I finally made peace with myself and the fact that I don't write like that anymore - hence I've put it in a big box on top of a cupboard and moved on to novel no 2 which I began last week. I've just taken the first scratchings to my physical writing group and after they got over the surprise of my 'new' writing voice they were postive. So on I go!!!

It's been a full on year and I'm hoping to get a few thousand more words down before the dawn of 2009I also placed in a poetry competition in the summer and have a few short stories 'out there'.

NoviceNovelist said...

Thanks Zinnia - this is a great post, it's nice to have a catch up. It's also inspiring to hear of the hard work,discipline and successes of the past year. Like a few of my fellow racers my year started with a death in the family and out of my grief I discover that I'm not the writer I thought I was. This is surprising to me and actually a good thing. It's meant that I wrestled with editing my completed first novel and last month I finally made peace with myself and the fact that I don't write like that anymore - hence I've put it in a big box on top of a cupboard and moved on to novel no 2 which I began last week. I've just taken the first scratchings to my physical writing group and after they got over the surprise of my 'new' writing voice they were postive. So on I go!!!

It's been a full on year and I'm hoping to get a few thousand more words down before the dawn of 2009I also placed in a poetry competition in the summer and have a few short stories 'out there'.

Calistro said...

My plans for this year were to complete the rewrite of Novel 1 that an agent asked for, complete the first draft of Novel 2 and fit in a few short stories too (to be subbed to women's magazines).

How did I do?

Without wanting to blow my own trumpet this has been my best writing year ever. I completed the rewrite of Novel 1 and, much to my astonishment, secured an agent. I wrote 20,000 words of novel 2 and then ground to a halt because my heart wasn't really in it. I've (with my agent) now decided to completely ditch novel 2 and start on something that's a better follow-on novel to novel 1. I had a wisp of an idea that's gradually been taking shape over the last few weeks and yesterday I FINALLY put together a one page synopsis (fingers crossed my agent gives it the okay).

Novel 1 was also placed as a finalist in the Romance Writers of America Stiletto competition (paranormal chicklit category).

Short story wise I've done okay too. I started up a little group for women's magazine writers and it's become a fantastic success. We write to prompts every fortnight and so far, since April, eight of the stories have been sold to women's magazines. I'm tremendously proud of the group and the fantastic support, achievements and critiques of the other women.

In total I've sold 5 stories to women's magazines (the most ever!), 1 to an online story website, publication in arts magazine Aesthetica and a 3rd place in the Writers Bureau short story competition.

My plans for the rest of the year are to write a story for each of the fortnights in my group, resub the stories that have come winging back from women's magazines and make a start on novel 2. By the end of next year I'd like to finish novel 2 (including edits) and continue to write and sub short stories.

CC Devine said...

My plans for this year have gone awry in that I intended to complete the total rewrite of novel 1 and start the subbing process. I also ambitiously intended to get cracking with novel 2.

In reality I enjoyed a two month jaunt off to Australia, changed jobs and bought my first place which I'm currently doing up. Novel 2 is merely a notion in my head but novel 1 is coming along albeit slowly.

Whilst I'm disappointed that I haven't made nearly as much progress on the rewrite as I'd intended I feel that I've turned a corner in terms of identifying the weaks points in novel 1 and working out solutions. Two months without regular computer access had me back to scrawling copious notes all over my ms as I travelled around Australia. This was useful because it restricted me to a certain extent - without the luxury of rushing off to the nearest computer I had to really think through my ideas, structure and plot strands.

Upon my return I started making substantial changes. During the summer I got caught up in work demands and property buying sagas which ate into my writing time so progress became slower. I feel pleased that my abilitiy to self critique has improved this year and now I'm quite brutal about chopping what is extraneous to the story and am also enjoying focusing more on the language now that I'm more confident of the structure of novel 1.

I'd love to complete this rewrite by Christmas but that's probably being unrealistic at the moment. Here's hoping! It certainly helps to be surrounded by encouraging and successful people. I find the support from Novel Racers invaluable. Happy Friday all!

B.E. Sanderson said...

Congratulations on everyone's successes. =o)

If I had any plans at the start of '08, I don't remember them. I know I finished a book and went through the query process on that, then I wrote another book and I'm just starting the query process on that one. No news from this racer. I just finished moving for the umpteenth time, and my writing's been derailed throughout the process, but I'm hoping to get back on track and at least get the first draft of this next book done.

I wish all of you success with your goals for the rest of the year. =o)

Anonymous said...

Zinnia, you are a brilliant writer and I'm not surprised you are having stories published. Congratulations. Something I'm doing at the moment also.

I think, even though I haven't had my work published, I have written a lot this year and been able to finalise the plot of my first book, its content obviously having a huge advantage. I hadn't realised just how much I have done until I was re-reading a previous book I wrote which was never published. Not surprisingly as it was never sent anywhere and only ever read by me! However, my aim for 2009 is complete the first draft of the novel I want to be published.

Good luck to you Zinnia. Not that you need it!

CJ xx

Sarah*G* said...

At the start of the year I had hoped to be finished my WIP to the point that I would be nearing the stage to send out to agents. Not got there yet and I seem to be overtaken with fundraising nonsense!
I just want to get my writing mojo back and near the end of WIP so I can deal with the possibility of subs after doing the marathon in April.
Also I thoroughly enjoyed being able to meet so many of the Racers at the 2 meets. I do hope we will have more in 2009!

Fiona said...

Although I am very much an apprendice, I enjoyed completing my book even though it wasn't the one I started out with.

Reading other Novel Racers' books has been extra special when you feel you 'know' the author and I've learnt loads from everyone here.

Great topic, Zinna.

L-Plate Author said...

Wow, I only joined the Novel Racers at the beginning of this year and, even though I am usually the last one to comment every Friday, am extremely proud to be part of them after reading all the above. Well done to each and every one of you. I'm so proud to be a member.

Me? Well, I am slightly embarrassed after reading of all the successes but here goes. I WON the novel racers race, can I start there!

I started the year with an agent only to find that she left the agency she was working for. I then started to submit work, an agent asked for it in full but after eight weeks hadn't started to read it so I pulled it back. The agent I was working with at the beginning of the year got in touch again and then went to work for another agent. She became my mentor and has submitted my book to an agent at the agency. And that is where I am now, playing the waiting game.

Writing wise, I wrote 42k but put that all on the backburner as I scrapped my very first book and made book two my book one! I have also changed a stand alone book into a series, I have a five book plan and my writing is defintely chick grit now. I have written 12,000 words of book one since last Saturday and am really excited about it (LD, I think I'm doing 2k a day at the moment). My aim for this year is to finish the first draft so I can use it for the novel race next year and to hear a resounding yes from the agent...please. (And yes DOT, I found it got easier on book two, as you know that you can do it once...)

I'd just like to reiterate, thanks to everyone, especially the few who keep on visiting my blog. You have kept me going when I've felt like quitting.

Happy continued writing everyone! x

KeVin K. said...

Hmm... I posted earlier, but it's not here now. I must have hit a wrong button. It'll probably appear after I post this one.

Zinnia, I like everything you said except your goal for the rest of 2008. "to sell two more short stories to different mags" Attaining that goal depends on something that's completely outside your control. You can not force an editor to buy your stories. (Or if you can, please post the method here.) And with a buy decision taking weeks, any sales you make between now and Christmas will likely be stories you already have in the mail. You should only set goals about outcomes you can affect directly. Like: "Every ten days I will write a new short story and mail it to a paying professional market."

For myself, 2008 was a disappointment. High point was my second novel coming out in February. My two original novels stalled at about 40% and 30% respectively. A third, unplanned novel got to the notes and outline stage. I'm thinking that I will finish the mystery novel in November as a sort-of NaNoWriMo lite. We'll see how that goes.
I have made sales this year, but they have almost all been content for game sites or game books -- no stand-alone stories or books I can point to and say "that's my work." I have sold only two short stories, both of them media tie-in. None of my original work has found a home. Yet. Writing income for 2008 so far totals about 10% of what I made in 2007. Which may sound mercenary, but my only retirement plan is my writing, so I take it very seriously. I'm still pitching and I'm still writing. And I know much of what I've been doing in 2008 will bear fruit in 2009.

liz fenwick said...

Wow. How impressive.

My year, well, I complete the total rewrite of ACH, I'm 24k into the next book, I have two open doors waiting for ACH when I am ready. So not bad but I am feeling a bit lost at the moment to be honest. With the feedback I had back on ACH, I am not sure where my writing fits any more or where I want to go with it. Hence the past two weeks I haven't written....
So I have met my goals for 2008 but not sure where I'm heading in the lead up to Christmas.

Well done everyone as just thinking of all the complishments makes me smiles as I really do feel we are all a part of each others sucesses :-)

Clare Sudders said...

Hmmm, I'm not sure if I had concrete plans at the start of this year, but if I had they would most likely have been to successfully give birth to my second child, to write a first draft of a third book, to sell my second novel and also to do one final edit on it before it goes to print. And I've achieved every one of those, so I'm very happy about that. Rather proud in fact. Given that I don't get on well with pregnancy and that young babies are so demanding and that I'm 40 next year, I think I've done pretty well. 2008 has definitely been a massive improvement on 2007 and 2006. Still, I wish my agent had managed to sell my second book to an English-language publisher, ideally someone in the UK. I know a few people took mss away to read after Frankfurt, so my fingers are very much crossed. That's what I'd like to 'achieve' before the end of 2008. I'd like a UK deal for Dance Your Way to Psychic Sex. But I'm not doing any more writing projects until my son starts nursery in Jan. I'm on maternity leave, and making the most of it!

Paige said...

I'm late. I'm never on time! I'm here now!


This year... well, I suppose the plan was to finish Book 1 and to send it out to agents, get an agent and start Book 2. Well, 3 out of 4 isn't bad. I finished Book 1, sent it out to agents and have started Book 2 (well, nearly!)

To be honest, I feel this year has been a bit up and down. I've had more wobbles than ever but I did finally manage to send my stuff out even if it did up in 4 flat rejections (one I'm still very much smarting over and it's still making me have doubts as to if I'll ever sub Book 1 again!)

But I suppose I've taken a big step this year and it's thanks to you guys as I probably wouldn't have sent my stuff to anyone, so thank you.

By the end of the year I hope to be 3/4 of the way through the first draft of my second book, which will hopefully be completed by the end of January!

KAREN said...

My goal at the start of the year was to get something published by the end, and thanks to the aforementioned blog set up by the lovely Calistro I've recently sold three short stories to women's magazines, which has really spurred me on to do more :o)

Congratulations to everyone else - you're all inspiring and although I'm not a 'proper' novel racer yet I'm looking forward to being one!