Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Final Volunteers' Rota

Right, we're there. Only trouble is, I can't find the sidebar - I think maybe I don't have the right level of access for this blog? Or maybe my techie 'skills' have let me down again. I can do sidebar stuff on my own blog though... but when I go to the 'settings' tab for the Novel Racers' blog, I don't get access to the layout page. So please could someone who can access the layout put the new rota up on the sidebar, as follows:

31 Oct and 7 Nov - Cally
14 and 21 Nov - Kayjay
28 Nov and 5 Dec - JJ
12 and 19 Dec - SarahG
26th Dec - Boxing Day, no coffee break
2 and 9 Jan - Lane
16 and 23 Jan - Spiral Skies
30 Jan and 6 Feb - Paige
13 and 20 Feb - Juliette
27 Feb and 6 March - Sheepish
13 and 20 March - Cathy
27 March and 3 April - Lazy Perfectionista
10 April - Good Friday, no coffee break
17 and 24 April - Kevin

(I took an executive decision about Good Friday on the same basis as Boxing Day, is that OK with everyone? If not, we can change it.)

And thanks to all our lovely Racers for their input. This is such a fab group!

(ps: Cally has a teeny tiny bit of slightly exciting news, if you haven't heard get on over to her blog :-))


Anonymous said...

I'm on the case...

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Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Thank you yet again, CB! Love the table format, too.