Saturday, 3 January 2009

New Novel Racer ~ introduction!

Hi all!

Some of you I've met, some I haven't yet but hope to.
I've been asked to do an introductory post so here I go.

My name is DK Green (yes, DK is really my name) however I'm known online as DK Leather for reasons which are likely to become a shade obvious. We live an alternative life; again, some of you know more on that subject. For example I was asked by one of you to write about both my WIPs and my whips in my intro!

If you're particularly interested I do have two 'life' blogs; dk-leather and dk-leathers. I also have a couple of family friendly photo blogs; abandonedshoe and enchantedglimpses, since photography is another though decidedly amateur love. Also if anyone here (that I don't have already) enjoys facebook, flickr or twitter then do let me know so I can add you!

Most of my 'background burble' you'll probably know via Rachel already, but here's my take on things.

I am very, very blessed. Lucky just doesn't cut it. I have two wyves, one of whom is our very own Rachel Green (author of An Ungodly Child and various blogs including my favourite whenthedogsbite), the other is a bronx chick named Luisa; the three of us have been together for almost 10 years now. We're all in our forties and thoroughly enjoying being eccentric. It's a bigger family consisting of several adult members though, so big in fact we had to buy a second house over the road for some of us, which is now lovingly known as the annex.

We live a leather lifestyle. To keep that reasonably family friendly; it's about truth, respect and honour, wrap that in leather, toss in a dash of dominance & submission and with a goodly smattering of kink (bdsm) thrown in. Oh and I'm the 'head honcho' in this somewhat hierarchical arrangement. It's certainly makes for a recipe of an interesting life.

We also have three dogs between us; a big soppy furball German Shepherd named Bear (mine), two Jack Russells named Tricksy and Jack, a black cat named Nute, two snakes (a Carolina Cornsnake and a Black Kingsnake) named Red and Reg. Oh and fish too, both indoor and outdoor.

I am 41 and a parent three times over, five when you count my two older step daughters from a previous marriage, both of whom had a son thus I'm a step-grandparent twice over. Confused? Me too! However my children are the light of my life; youngest daughter Lina (11), son Tony (19), daughter Kirsty (22) and my stepgirls Katie (23) and Liane (28). I'm proud as punch of all of them.

Minor other details ~cough~ are that I am profoundly polyamorous (open to many loves), a practising pagan (high priest), and wavering on the cusp of being transgendered FtM, rather than having been previously known as a butch dyke. ~grin~ If that leaves you in any doubt, call me he please. Again, much more information on that available on my main blogspot.

Oh yes, and then there's this writing business. I've been game and entered myself for both a 'new work' and 'completing an old work'; since I'd like to achieve at least one or the other and I'm not entirely sure where my writing heart is going to go this year yet! Below are the blurbs from my blogspot on the four in question I'm haggling with at present. Warning, three out of four are adult readership only!

1. Living Leather
The story of the UK KRueL Leather Family - 20,028 words written

2. My Mind as Womb of My Survival
My memoirs - story of a survivor - 10,164 words written

3. Incarceration
Write up of an awe inspiring, amazing week, a social experiment watched by many. True story - unwritten

4. Darkest Fantasies
Erotica, family member fantasies; from the violent to the very edges of reason - unwritten

That's all... not much. ~cough~

Wish me luck?

See you all on the coffee mornings; I've been looking forward to participating in those freely now I'm a fully badged up member... grins and polishes my newbie badge!

~doffs cap~
DK x


Lane said...

Thanks for the introduction DK. Nice to meet you.

Welcome aboard and good luck with your projects:-)

JJ said...

Hey DK, we met in Manchester. It's good to see you again. Welcome officially to the Novel Racers!


Sarah*G* said...

Hiya DK welcome to the Racers. We met, very briefly, at the meet in Manchester. I was at the other side of that usually large table. I must say I love your, and Rachel's, use of language and the way you write both on blogger and even your FB status. Mine is so boring and samey.

liz fenwick said...

Welcome DK. I have a feeling most of your stuff won't be available once I am back in Dubai!!!! You certainly have more life experience material for writing than most :-) Good luck in this year's race!!!

L-Plate Author said...

Wow, DK, what a fab introduction! I too saw you in Manchester so know you through Rachel.

Welcome to the Novel Racers and good luck!

Lucy Diamond said...

Hi DK and welcome! You sound a great addition to the group.
All this talk of Manchester has got me wondering... now that 2009 has rolled in, when shall we have our next blogmeet?

B said...

*waves at DK* nice to meet you - I've been lurking on your blog for a little while and enjoying it. Look forward to talking to you more!

Lucy - Jenny Spiralskies and I have been discussing that over email in October. We meant to start asking people what they thought but... errr......! I'm up for it, anyway :)

KAREN said...

Nice to 'meet' you! Looking forward to being a fully-fledged Racer myself one day :o)

Debs said...

Hi DK, welcome to Novel Racers. Loved your introduction, and best of luck with your writing.

I look forward to hearing about the next NR meet, as I haven't managed to make one yet, but would love to meet everyone.

Paige said...

Welcome to the Novel Racers!

Yay! Another meet! I really hope I can come! Are there any details!??

ChrisH said...

Hi Dk,
Thanks for your frank introduction - I'm feeling very conventional now... but I am about to have my arm yanked in hospital which will require me to be a bit submissive. Welcome to the Novel Racers, I look forwards to your contributions.

Calistro said...

Welcome DK! We met briefly at Manchester. Lovely to have you in the group. p.s. I'm still interested in that over the internet tarot reading if you are!

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Welcome DK, I remember you well from the Manchester meet and hope to see you and Rachel at another meet one day soon (I know she's a bit shy, but she is lovely; can you use your head honcho status to persuade her to come to another one please, if that's not too unethical?). I know you've been with us for a while now, but it's lovely to have you here as a fully-fledged Racer. And I'm up for another meet too. Should we alternate between Manchester and London?

Leon Basin said...

How do I become a novel racer;)

Annieye said...

Hi DK. I'm a 'wait-lister' like Karen. What a fantastic intro! (mine would be a mere whisper in the ether compared to yours). All the very best with the writing.

liz fenwick said...

Hi Leon and welcome to the Novel Racers blog. Currently we have our full quota of 40 Racers however we do have a wonderful band of wait list Racers who can do all the they Racers do - attend Friday coffees, comment etc but can't post or officially be in the race however most are racing along unofficially.

If you would like to join the wait list. Email me. My addy is on my profile.


Flowerpot said...

a warm welcome DK and look forward to seeing more of you! Best ofluck with all your projects.

Graeme K Talboys said...

Hi DK, and welcome. Good to see you on board.

DK Leather said...

wow, thank you all, what wonderful welcomes!

I'm feeling all sheepish and humbled now... ~grins ruefully~

Helen said...

Hey DK just wanted to say, a little belatedly, welcome to the racers!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Hi there, I've seen you about often in the blogosphere. You sound like a breath of fresh air to a very cold Tuesday morning!

I'm the one that tends to sit at the back but I'm trying to move forward. I'm a member of Facebook but don't really participate much as don't have time.

CJ xx

Leigh said...

Yey! DK! Welcome to the NRs!
You'll have no excuses to hide behind the camera at the next meet, now, will you?
It's great that you've joined. Look forward to seeing you both again.

DK Leather said...

~Grins~ thanks all, I'm really appreciating the welcome, makes me feel all warm and er... fuzzy ;-)

SpiralSkies said...

Oh, I love the way you've burst into the forums in such a lively, leatherly way!

And yes, I agree with Zinna that ou must use any tactics required to persuade Rachel to the next meet, I was disappointed not to meet you both at the summer one.

Cathy said...

Welcome DK!

wordtryst said...

It feels odd to say 'welcome' because I've seen you around here so long I always assumed you were a full member. Instead, I'll say, bienvenue!

Captain Black said...

Sorry I'm late to the party, but welcome aboard DK :o)

sexy said...
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