Thursday, 12 March 2009

Read Something Funny for Money

TwitterTitters is a collection of funny short stories written in aid of Comic Relief.
Two of our Novel Racers, Cally and Lane had their submissions judged worthy of inclusion along with ten other writers. Out of nearly a hundred entries, this was no mean feat.

Bookersatz features my review of TwitterTitters and payment details on their site.

By buying the book you will be helping those who have been dealt a much worse hand than most of us can imagine. Then you can join me in a Value Price beer and a few good belly laughes.


Lane said...

Great review Fiona.

Don't know how many have been sold but every penny helps.

Linda said...

Hi and thank you for your lovely review, I *loved* Lane's and Cally's stories. Sales are nowhere near what they could be and we are continuing to plug away where we can. As all proceeds go to Comic Relief and it costs less than a fiver to download we do hope more people can support us.