Tuesday, 21 April 2009

A fanfic round-robin improv

I don't know if any of you, my fellow Novel Racers, would be interested in this, but it's the sort of thing that earns me glances here at the office when I laugh out loud at my desk.

The fanfic writer who got stopped from publishing her rip-off of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series has posted an essay about copyright laws being nothing but an attempt by close-minded legal types and the actively evil to forbid everyone free access to universal characters that actually belong to all of us.

Her key argument against being thwarted in her egregious violation of copyright law?
"The author is a medium who channels ... The origin of all characters is the Shared Mind, the only mind that truly exists. Our minds are all one single ocean of shared memories, fantasies, dreams, nightmares and visions. "

However, before you stab yourself with a spork in frustration, this bit of madness has sparked a wonderful idea in the mind of Peter David (or in the part of the universal mind currently renting Peter David's skull). Read PAD's blog.

I have already signed up.


Wordtryst - Liane Spicer said...

I haven't read the book but I think this is a great idea. As for your suggestion that the Shared Mind should share my credit card debt, I'm all for that. We don't 'own' anything, right?

KAREN said...

I've just read the Twilight satire already out there, at http://xlormp.livejournal.com/553.html


DOT said...

Russet Noon doesn't know her Jung from her Freud. They famously fell out, mind you Freud famously fell out with many of his disciples, over Jung's concept of universal consciousness.

By the way, I didn't write this but borrowed it from someone very similar to myself.

sheepish said...

All far too complicated for us sheep to understand, we just do what all the other sheep do!!!!!!!

KayJay said...

Love the Jar Jar Binks line!