Thursday, 13 August 2009

Time to Start Again

After the news of Boob Pencil and Captain Black leaving the Novel Racers and Jen at Spiral Skies going on sabbatical, I thought I should reveal some news of my own. I very nearly decided to leave the Novel Racers a couple of months ago. I haven’t really been part of the group for a while; haven’t taken part in Friday Coffee Breaks, commented on members’ blogs or posted on my own blog for ages. For a while I thought I might actually get chucked out for not being an active member!! And I started to feel guilty for taking up a position in the Novel Racers when there was such a big list of people wanting to become a member. I talked it through with a couple of people and decided to think about it some more, as leaving would be a major decision, as we’ve seen with Boob Pencil and Captain Black.

I haven’t been writing. It’s pure and simple. And if I haven’t been writing, keeping up with a writing blog is near impossible. There’s only so many times you can post a blog post saying, ‘No writing done today - hopefully will do some tomorrow!’ so the thought of closing down my blog was a tempting. And I have actually closed it. The Last Word is no more as you may or may not have noticed.

I drafted a leaving post for the Novel Racers and I decided it was time to think seriously about my writing and if I wanted to continue it. After a long hard think, I decided I could never give up writing and after a few days I realised I couldn’t give up blogging either.

So I deleted my leaving post for the Novel Racers without ever publishing it, I started a brand new blog and I have been writing again (albeit only a few hundred words here and there), I will make a effort to visit (and comment) on as many blogs as I can and I hope to get involved with the Friday Coffee Break posts on Fridays again.

This is my last post as Paige. Some of you already know my new blog and have already visited it (Thank you!!) Paige will disappear from the Members list and will be replaced by my new alias, The Secret Writer - The address for my blog will be available on the Novel Racers Private blog for now, as I’m trying to stop certain unwanted people from getting their grubby little hands on it. And sometime in the future I’ll be revealing it to the world. (If you haven't got access to the NR Private blog or can't wait for me to reveal it to the world, contact me and I'll share it with you!)

P.S. I just wanted to get this in before Friday Coffee Break tomorrow. Please scroll down for Jen’s post if you haven’t already seen it. Thank you!!!


Rowan Coleman said...

Very very glad you are not leaving, very happy you are not giving up and are starting a fresh! Yippeexx

Anonymous said...

Good for you, TSW!

By the way, I think Boob Pencil and myself are to be alumni members, rather than leaving the NR altogether. The main point was to give the newbies on the waiting list a chance to become full members. I hope that makes sense.

Lily Sheehan said...

So glad to hear you're not leaving!!

Annieye said...

When you work full-time it's hard to blog as much as those who have more time. So glad you are staying!

B said...

I'm glad :) and I look forward to reading your work one day!

Calistro said...

SO glad your still with us and you're still writing and blogging :)

liz fenwick said...

Can't wait to hear more about the fresh start!

ChrisH said...

Well, it sounds as if you've been thinking loads over and are ready for the next stage now.

Liane Spicer said...

Thank goodness. I started reading with dread, thinking, 'Not another one gone!'

Glad you changed you mind, TSW.