Wednesday, 30 September 2009

New Coffee Rota

Sorry for the delay in pulling all of this together but have been travel with little or connectivity.......So the new rota is as follows but PLEASE tell me if the dates don't work - nothing is carved in stone!!!

Lane - 3& 10 Oct (sorry for the short notice!)
Sheepish - 17 &24 Oct
Kate Lord Brown - 31 Oct & 7 Nov
Flowerpot - 14 &21 Nov
LeatherDykeUK - 27 Nov & 4 Dec
CC Devine - 11 & 18 Dec
Lily Sheehan - 1 & 8 Jan (was going to have another hols but thought we all needed the caffeine rush into the New Year!)
Ellie - 15 & 22 Jan
Fia - 29 Jan & 5 Feb
Debs - 12 & 19 Feb
Rowan - 26 Feb - 5 March
Annieye - 12 & 19 March

Any others whishing to join in please tell me know!


Lane said...

Gulp. That's fine Liz.

Better get my thinking cap on:-)

(and thanks)

liz fenwick said...

Thanks lane!

Anonymous said...

I'll put these into the rota gadget but before I do, I can't help noticing that some of these dates are Saturdays. Are we moving some from Fridays to Saturdays or was your calendar set to the wrong year, Liz?

liz fenwick said...

Well spotted Capt. B. i wish i could say that I was trying to see if you were paying attention but alas no - the mistake is mine!

Lily Sheehan said...

Thanks Liz - its int diary. I am a little nervous but v. excited too!

B said...

can i have the next two on the list please?? 26th march and 2 apr????

thanks x

Flowerpot said...

Liz 14th & 21st Nov are Saturdays! Shall I do 13th and 19th? xxx

Fia said...

Thanks for doing this Liz:)

Rowan Coleman said...

thank you liz

Annieye said...

In my diary!

sheepish said...

Have noted the 16th and 23rd. Only two weeks to worry about topics!!!!

Graeme K Talboys said...

Sorry for not committing myself (to the coffee morning rota, that is). I have contracted work piling up and my fingers crossed for a couple of other projects. When I know for certain what's happening next year, I'll stick my head above the proverbial.

Kate Lord Brown said...

Both dates fine (gulp). Will put in an order for the macaroons ...