Sunday, 8 November 2009


Thank you so much to everyone for your lovely comments on my last posting about taking a break from the Novel Racers for a while. It has all been a bit overwhelming recently with moving overseas and I am still finding my feet. I have set up my Expat blog and if anyone wants to read it then you can go here to see it. I have decided to make my other blog, my writing one private and permissions only. If you want to carry on reading that one then let me know and I will add you.
Thanks again for your support.


B said...

Please can I read your writing blog?

Look forward to sitting down and reading the expat blog - you've written tons already! :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry! I didn't see your previous post! Totally understand about the break! Can I read your writing blog pleassssse!?


LilyS said...

I would still like you read about your writing progress if thats OK. Will add the new one now.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to continue reading your writing blog, if I may.

sheepish said...

Good luck with your big move hope it all works out for you.