Tuesday, 23 February 2010

thinking, thinking

Luckily I checked the rota and realised I have to think of something witty and clever to write about for coffee morning by Friday.....no mean task with all the brilliant post recently - but in the mean time I blogged over on my page if you happen to be passing.


B said...

speaking of the rota - i'm still down on it, but i've left (and tbh the chances of me coming up with anything would have been next to zero anyway) - so it will need looking at soon!

Captain Black said...

I see no reason why alumni and sabbatical members can't host coffee mornings, if they want to. Of course, if they don't want to then that's okay too. B, please let me know if you want to take your name off the rota.

B said...

please take me off. i can barely get myself dressed and into work atm. believe me, coffee mornings are way beyond my abilities. grief is far too exhausting.

Average Terran said...

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