Thursday, 11 February 2010

Well Done the Novel Racers

Just a quick thank you for your company at my coffee post.  Sorry not to have replied to all your great comments, but flipping hand is still playing up.

Congrats to Rowan and Tam for their amazing sucesses.  Maybe we could have another amazon link thingy for the NR's books?  Trying not to look at Captain who is so good at the tricky stuff.

Over and out.


Lane said...

Hope your hands are better soon Fia.

Fia said...

Thank you. I wish I could say it was extreme typing of my novel, but it's more facebloggy stuff.

Captain Black said...

Yes, well done indeed, Rowan and Tam.

I'll have a think about a new book cover display and information gadget, as the old one had a few problems on some web browsers. In the mean time there is a list of publications that I have in my NR database. Please let me know of any additions and/or corrections.