Friday, 2 July 2010

Interesting Times

Ok, I could say that I waited to post this to Chris time and space to revel in the joy of her publication day. But I'll be honest I plain forgot. There I was smugly scrolling down the rota to see what disorganised person had neglected to post a coffee morning and all the time it was me. Of course it was.

I am going to blame the Harper Collins Summer party last night, which was a lot of fun and gave me a chance to say hello in person to two of my favourite novel racing people Caroline Smailes and Mel Sherrat. Yes, I am a little bit tired today.

So have a strong black coffee and keep your shades on indoors.

I don't think any of us can fail to notice that the publishing industry is in turmoil at the moment. Goodness it was even on BBC news! Life is tough. Its damn tough to get a new contract and even established writers are finding themselves with contracts cancelled. Shops only want to stock books who stand up well on last years EPOS systems, instead of stocking a wide range of fiction, only a narrow few lucky titles get on the shelves. I've been in publishing one way or another for fifteen years and this is about as bad as I can remember it for writers ever.

But before we slit out wrists and take a bottle of mogadon with a large Gin lets think of all the good things that have happened to remind ourselves its not all doom and gloom.

Of course its Chris's publication day - proof that new writers are getting into print! Hurrah!

Yesterday I heard that Patricia Scanlan and Polly Williams had given really brilliant quotes for my new book The Happy Home for Broken Hearts. What lovely ladies with excellent taste and proof that there is a community of writers willing to support each other - heartwarming (like my novel, according to Polly)

So - what other cheerful news can you bring to the table to lift all of our heavy hearts?
p.s there will be typos galore in this - never get a hung over dyslexic to do anything.


Rowan Coleman said...

oh, also publicatiob for Chris was wednesday...I repeat, hung over dyslexic.That's my excuse.

Chris Stovell said...

Thanks Rowan (whispering rather than shouting) and party sounds amazing - good to have a meet-up with NRs at anytime, but especially on that occasion.

Hmmn, good news... well, I am thrilled to be published at last and I bet the 82 year old signed by Honno is delighted her day has come. Something I've learned (and I'm not complaining, believe me) is that being signed is just the start; and that there's a heck of lot more to do. I personally feel very uncomfortable about the mememe stuff and worry that everyone's going to get fed up with me (Come back!) but the hard truth is that doing the PR stuff is an essential part of being a writer today. The bottom line, especially if, like me, you've been signed by an 'Indie' is that you have to be prepared to promote your own book.

Anyway, I'm aware how very fortunate I am to have the chance. My advice would be to write the best book you can, enlist the help of a professional advisory service so that would-be agents or publishers know you take your work seriously, and then keep an eagle-eye out for new opportunities. Best, Cx

liz fenwick said...

The party sounds bliss... and today I actually had real coffee and not virtual coffee with Helen and then went on to meet up with a few more...bliss.

Good news on the writing front - well, I guess I'm writing and I haven't given up hope although there have been times this when it was a close call.

I have to apologize I am way behind on admin stuff on here and promise to catch up when I'm in Cornwall this summer.

Hope the hang over is well and truly over Rowan.


L-Plate Author said...

It was lovely to see you too last night Rowan.

I don't have any news yet. I keep plodding on with the hopefuls. But Caroline's new book is out there and doing really well. So I'll celebrate with her good news.

Annieye said...

The party sounds great fun. Good News? Well, I had a day off work and spent it with some lovely people today (lots of them were Novel Racers). The sun was shining and the venue was just perfect - thanks Kev for arranging it. Not only that it's Saturday tomorrow and I don't have to get up early.

Writing News? Nah ... but perhaps one day ...

HelenMHunt said...

My good news is that I sold a short story to an Australian magazine for the first time today.

And I feel inspired after meeting Liz and having a very long chat about novel writing. And then meeting lots of other NRs for lunch including - Kev, Lane, Fia, Denise and Annie.

Denise said...

I'll second the good news of meeting up with lots of other lovely writers on Friday. Also Liz told me about a great competition that Transworld are running for novels set on a slightly altered Earth, with a publishing deal and £20,000 as the prize. I'm definitely entering that one!

Anonymous said...

I think the good news has been speaking for itself recently. Many Racers and friends in the wider blogosphere have had some great successes recently, showing that it can be done despite the current trends and markets.

Proof? The recent and rapid growth of my leaning tower of to-be-read books, plus the launches I've been to, either virtually or in person. I suspect there'll be more to come...

Talking of meetings, isn't it about time we had another?