Thursday, 15 July 2010

Time for a Revamp?

We seem to be getting a bit quiet in our old age. I think the time has come for a new lease of life for the Novel Racers blog. Ideas please! Here's a few things to kick off...

  • We need coffee break volunteers. First come, first served. I have a couple of good subjects for tomorrow and next week, if nobody else minds.
  • Where are we all with our race entries. I've probably got behind with the gadgets' database, but then you lot haven't been updating me either.
  • Shall we give the blog a facelift? There's lots of nice new templates available.
  • When and where shall we meet IRL again?
  • Everyone please remind me who is and who isn't a current member. If not, are you on sabbatical or retired as alumni?
  • The accomplishments page probably needs updating. Information please.
  • What else shall we talk about here? Competitions? Writing techniques? Successes? Failures? Gossip (I'm way behind)? Politics? Religion? Gardening?...

I hope you don't mind me posting this as a bit of a kick-up-the-you-know-what for us all.

In other top secret news, I've fairly recently started writing again. Therefore please may I rejoin the group?

Edit, 20/07/10: Please see the new feedback page, where we can discuss things.


Ellie said...

I'll do a coffee break or two!

LilyS said...

Sorry, I've had a rubbish few weeks and as such haven't been blogging/commenting (excuses excuses). Please put me down for some coffee breaks.

Not sure whether its been suggested lately and I've missed it but I joined last year and couldnt make the meet as I had R4L the next day. I know that was in the July so are we due for another one? I would really like to meet some racers and think that might just do the trick.

LilyS said...

Sorry just re-read your post and saw that you mentioned meeting up. As per my last post I am up for meeting whenever/wherever. London is a preference but I am happy to travel.

Rebecca Stonebridge said...

I was an inactive member for a while but I think it's because the NRs didn't feel the same for me. I think if there was a revamp I would feel the need to contribute more.

I'm going out in a few minutes but I'll get my thinking cap on and get back to you all.

I think a Novel Racers Meet is well over due. I'm one of the awkward ones not living in England so I really hope something can be arranged cos I would love to meet the NRs I've not met before and the ones I have met, I'd like to meet again!

Leatherdykeuk said...

Welcome back, Capn :)

Revamp away. I can't think of any new questions.

I've a couple of new ones out:
Leget's Despair:
Screaming Yellow: (notavailable until September) and I've sold H&J book 2 (no publication date yet).

Talli Roland said...

Hi all!

I've been lurking for awhile but Liz just sent me the official invite, so I'm a new member!

I'm working on a new novel and I'm about 12,000 words in at the moment. Hoping to finish the first draft by mid-September.

Would love to meet you all in London at some point! My email is:

Rebecca Stonebridge said...

Put me down for a couple of coffee mornings! I'll help out!

Right, thoughts!

My race entry - Crime Novel - Currently standing at 660words.

Yes, to the facelift of the blog. The new templates are fantastic and a new look blog would be fantastic - might get this place going again.

Yes, to a meet up soon! Definitely!

I think we need a definitive list of members! And we need members who will be around as much as possible. For this blog to continue we need people who are going to contribute regularly - I know this might sound cheeky cos I know I've not been around much but I promise that will change if this place gets like it used to be.

I've been worried about the future of the Novel Racers for some time. And I don't like it cos I love being part of this group - it's why I haven't officially left. We need a facelift! A revamp! New members! Something! Anything! *rant over* :oP

Karen said...

A face-lift is a great idea, and will hopefully re-invigorate things :o)

Accomplishments - my first novel - My Future Husband - has just sold to Germany, second novel, AWP, is 30,000 words in and I've reached the 30+ mark with short stories published in womags.

Good to hear that you've started writing again.

Helen said...

I think this is a fantastic idea Captain, but I think it is time for me to bow out. I've explained on the private site.

Chris Stovell said...

Like Helen, it's also time for me to pass the baton over to someone else. Will also post on the private site. Welcome to all new members and good luck and happy writing to all.

Rowan Coleman said...

How about we have a regular public face writing excercise here, once every other week. A micro short story, five hundred words, theme set and hosted by a different racer each time? Maybe we need a new name to - are we really about the race now (I admit i've never been about the race that much) or about the community and the support?

Graeme K Talboys said...

Still sabbaticalling (?) My first book of the year has been proofed, corrected, indexed, and is now heading for the printer. Deadline for book two is the end of this month (plus two other deadlines - a review and a magazine to be edited). Then it calms down a bit as I have just one more book and the deadline for that is December (although I do have a novel I want ready for printing by the end of the year as well). And I've managed a couple of short stories, one (Four Rings of Light) just published in the Exterminating Angel.

Really glad to hear you are writing again, Captain. I had a sneaky feeling you would at some stage.

Debs said...

Welcome back, Captain.

I have family over at the moment and not much time for anything other than the editing I'm (still) doing.

I've emailed you with my accomplishments - a very short email :) and like the idea of a revamp.

I'd love to meet up, but will have to sit back and wait to see when it is and then if I can come over for it.

Denise said...

I think a revamp is a great idea, as is meeting up. I don't mind travelling, so am happy to go with wherever the majority of people are.

Info wise I've written, but am editing, The Charisma Clinic. Very slowly editing...

Still thinking about new ideas for what we talk about.

Rebecca Stonebridge said...

Okay, so how are we going to discuss this? Are the admin people going to decide what happens or do we all vote? :o)

Anonymous said...

Please see the new feedback page, where we can discuss things.

Liane Spicer said...

Glad the writing has claimed you again, Cap.

Leatherdykeuk and Karen, congratulations are in order! Well done, girls!

(Oh, I'm no longer a member, Captain. Just like to drop by now and then.)

Kate Lord Brown said...

Hello Captain - thanks for the kick :) yes, active and up for a couple of coffee mornings from mid Sept if it helps.

Race-wise, debut novel is being published later this year: 'The Beauty Chorus'. Deadline for next book (working title Duende) March 2011.

Juliette M said...

Thanks for the arse-kicking.

I'm still current. Book 1 'Queen of Swords' is finished and on its final edit before submission (eek).

Book 2 'Queen of Cups' is on its second draft.

I have a number of other projects occupying me also but they are not close to finished yet. They are exciting though :)

I dont have a blog as yet either, but I'm working on putting one together. The problem was that blogging was putting me off writing.