Friday, 14 January 2011

Writing partners

Morning all! I did my weekly shopping this morning, put all the food away and had a big breakfast. So now I'm ready to discuss today's topic. We have plenty of biscuits, teas, coffees and borekas - pastry with different fillings. Today I bought some with cheese and olives (called Greek) and some with Bulgarian cheese. Help yourselves before the boys scoff them up. (Sorry - I mean men.)

My question today is: how can I find one person or a small online group with whom I can exchange writing and discuss/critique it? I do belong to such a group that usually meets (face-to-face) every fortnight. I love attending this group, but I'm now writing a new version of a work that they have read, and the group's rules prevent me from submitting the new version to the group. Also, I feel that sometimes all the members share an opinion that a new person, especially someone elsewhere in the world, might not agree with.

I don't think I want to join one of those large groups, in which anonymous people send out and read excerpts. I would want to get to know the people with whom I shared writing.


Annieye said...

Your goodies are much better than mine, anyway!

We used to have a small blog called 'Cloud Line' with only a dozen or so members. I found that really useful. I like meeting new people, whether online or in person. Everyone writes differently, so I don't think it matters, as - like you say - if you can get to know and trust each other.

Karen said...

Tea and biscuits for me please!

I would mention on your blog that you'd like a writing/critique partner - I've had an online one for a couple of years now and we exchange chapters of our novels, stories etc. for feedback and it works brilliantly. Or have a look round on the internet and see if there are any groups you could join. A writer called L'Aussie (I think she's commented on my blog somewhere) has touched on this in a recent post so might be worth popping over!

sheepish said...

Well why not use our Private Place as a starting point. I am sure some of the Racers might be interested in forming such a group or you could find a partner as Karen suggested. I would be interested as I don't have any face to face discussion here in France.

Anonymous said...

Just coffee for me this week. No goodies as I seem to have gained 5 kg during the festivities.

I know of several on-line writing groups that I believe are small, private and intimate; rather than large, public and faceless.

* Cloud Line: Rather defunct at present, but could be revived. Blog administrator is me.
* Cutting it Fine: Designed, I think, for reviewing work that is soon to be submitted. Blog administrator is Fia.
* Get it Write: Originally set up by Amanda, a small group of writers who share critique. Blog administrator is me. There are a couple of places available.
* Story a Fortnight: Another writing group, run by Cally. I don't know the blog address nor the group status, so you'll have to ask her nicely.

I agree with Sheepish that we could also use the Private Place for our own critique group.

Debs Carr said...

Tea and biscuits for me please.

I belong to a couple of online writing groups and they're very helpful. I don't have an actual writing partner, but have passed two of my manuscripts on to my mother and a sister who've come up with very useful criticisms. I think an actual writing partner would be a good idea.

Denise said...

Any tea left? Sunday is the new Friday... OK, I'm just late!

Apart from being a bad contributor to the above mentioned Cloudline I've not done much online discussion. For about a year I was a member of a critique group that formed after a 20 week writing course, so we'd got to know each other quite well. Unfortunately this was more of a hindrance than help as we were far too polite with each other!

Have you tried looking at any of the forums on writing websites? I've heard of people forming groups via those and you could probably state the kind of writing partner you wanted. I guess it could be a bit trial and error finding someone you got along with though.

LilyS said...

Just through blogging and my writing course I have had people come to me and ask if i would like to join them in story critiques. If you get enough people you could start a group of your own or go to the almighty that is google - worked for me :)