Friday, 11 February 2011

Coffee Morning - Getting to know myself

Morning Racers!
I’m feeling a little sleepy and useless this morning so please bear with me. I got my final assignment back for my Start Writing Fiction course with the OU and scored a surprising 83%. I celebrated with a few bottles of Magners and a late night watching Bridget Jones Diary so the only thing I have brought to the table is soluble aspirin, water and coffee, yes mustn’t forget the coffee!

I must admit I am struggling to find a unique topic here so I have used an old topic in a unique way. As I turned 30 this year I find myself reflecting and looking forward to an important year ahead – watch my blog space. A lot has changed since I joined the Novel Racers and a lot of time has passed since my introductory post. So I thought I would tell you all a little more about me.

As you know I have just successfully completed my first creative writing course with the OU. It was a level one course which I found really helpful and was vital in cementing that confidence in myself as a writer. I now know that the writing I do isn’t just for my own pleasure – it’s for others as well. Since joining this blog in August 2009 I have finally finished the first draft of my chick-lit novel. I haven’t gotten bored of it, just exploring other avenues of story telling in the form of short stories which I have been subbing to the women’s weekly market. The novel rewrite starts this weekend and I cannot wait – heck I might even start tonight!!

Through my blogging and short story writing I believe I have discovered my niche. Historical literary fiction. On my blog I include film reviews and one film I wrote about recently really struck a chord with me – The Kings' Speech. Not only did it give me an unhealthy obsession with Colin Firth but it gave me a thirst for knowledge and a fascination with history. Also, my final assignment with the OU called for a 1500 word story which used time shift. I wrote about my parents and their story which has always intrigued me from a young age – when my Dad was serving in the Royal Navy and my mothers journey to raise three (quite wonderful I might add) children. I want to develop this into a novel and tell their story in the best way I know how – because it is quite a remarkable tale and one that I can’t wait to hear more about from them.

So that was a bit more about me. I invite you all to tell a little about you.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Good for you. I often wonder if a writing course would make me a better writer. It would probably at least get me out of the unsaleable obsession with humour. I have the utmost respect for those who write historical, and if you're going for historical literary you deserve even more. I can't think of a more difficult genre towrite. My cap off to you!

Jenny Beattie said...

That's excellent - congratulations.

I can join you in the Colin Firth admiration - or Colin Phwoarth as he's known in my house - but I absolutely couldn't never imagine writing historical fiction. So much admiration for anyone doing that. I like research but I think it would paralyse me to think I might get something wrong.

Something about me? STILL rewriting Polite never ending novel.

HelenMHunt said...

I have the odd dip into history for my short stories and I have one coming up in My Weekly next month which is set at Bletchley Park during the war. My novel also has flashbacks, but only as far as the 1960s!

In terms of what I'm working on at the moment, it's mainly short stories and articles. I love writing short stories and think they will always be my first love, but I do hope to crack the novel one day!

andewallscametumblindown said...

Congratulations on completing the course and everything else. I can't see myself ever writing fiction that's set in a time I don't remember, but it can be fascinating to read.

I think I've written enough about me here. Could I just mention how thrilled I am to have been included in 1000 Stories for Queensland? ~Miriam

sheepish said...

Congrats and good luck with future plans. My novel[s] also have a historical element in a time shifting sort of way. I enjoy the research but it's nt always easy in a 'foreign' country. Sometimes I also spend more time on the research than on the actual writing!!! In fact I am off on a little adventure this afternoon with an elderly French gentleman who is not easy to understand, but I shall do my best. We are visiting a building that is not open to the public but which has a fundamental role in my current wip, so I am quite excited! I also find that places often trigger ideas so this afternoon is important to me.

Debs Carr said...

Well done you, congratulations.

Apart from editing my chick lit novels, I've been researching an historical novel for the past year or so and have enjoyed it far more than I expected. The hard part is working out how to incorporate my research into the book.

Kath said...

Congratulations on completing your course and finding your niche. I can imagine all the research being part of the fun when writing historical fiction.

Good luck

Denise said...

Ah aspirin, where would we be without it! Congratulations on your mark.

As for me I'm making slow progess with the edit of my 2nd novel, having left the 1st (which took several years) as a learning experience perhaps to be returned to one day. I'm still writing in my comfort genre of science fiction, though it's set only a year or two in the future and much less SF than my previous novel.

As for developing an unhealthy obsession with Colin Firth, if you haven't seen the BBC production of Pride and Prejudice already then buy it now!

Suzanne Jones said...

That's a terrific result, well done. And it was great to learn more about you.


Amanda said...

I agree, a brilliant score - well done you! And such an achievement completing your first draft of your chick-lit novel. You are going great guns! xx

Amanda said...

I agree, a brilliant score - well done you! And such an achievement completing your first draft of your chick-lit novel. You are going great guns! xx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a great result and thanks for the info. If you haven't seen it yet, you can find out a bit more about me here.

Colin who?

gaelikaa said...

Actually, I adore historical fiction and history, besides English, was my fave subject in school. I'm interested in exploring the idea of writing historical fiction too.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on completing the course and receiving a fantastic score! And best of luck for the novel re-write!