Saturday, 23 June 2007

Big Welcomes to All

Gosh it's getting busy in here! How fab. Rather than try to post to everyone individually, as Liz has done (cos you're just ace Liz!), I thought I'd do it in a post. So...


I also wanted to say that between us we have a plethora of talent, and ideas... a gamut of styles and genres.

I can't help it... I'm just so EXCITED!


Fionamac said...


I'm Fiona, housewife 49. I do paid work as well as a dog walker. Not very classy I know but I was an assitant film editor in another life before marriage, children and being dragged round the world with Air Force.

Almost at half way point with my book, The Petsitters which, I hope is a funny/sad tale of three women.

By the way, have any of you been to YouWriteOn? Funded by the Arts Council, I've had some really useful feedback for my writing from them;

I really admore those of you who can write in the evenings. I am comatose on the sofa by then. Do you think could be the half bottle of wine?


hesitant scribe said...

Fiona - thankyou for the link - shall go and have a ganders!

Jen said...

Hi Fiona - wow, what a brilliant site that is, thanks for the link. I'm looking forward to having a really serious trawl through it later. Reviewing others' work is always quite an interesting thing too - makes you look at your own work with a different perspective somehow?

From film editor to dog walker, eh? Sounds like there must be story in there somewhere :0)

Comatose after half a bottle? You need more practice, girl!