Saturday, 23 June 2007

my intro

My name is Emily, I'm venturing into the adult novel-writing field. I've written two young adult novels, one that I've given up on for now, and the other one that's out to agents.
I'm working on what this novel is going to be about. I know it'll be a murder mystery, but I don't know in what context exactly. Stay tuned for updates on that one.

I'm a journalism student, a junior in college; I'm currently interning as a reporter at a newspaper in Ohio, but I normally reside in Missouri. I read constantly (I grew up in a bookstore,so it was sort of bred into me), I crochet, I write the best at midnight and I'm incredibly outspoken.

My blog, Murder, I Write, chronicles my writing journey, my job, my life and everything in between. My other blog, "Emily Hendricks Articles" (yes, I'm very original) is where I post the links to some of the better things I write for the paper. I use Feedburner to notify people when I post a link, so it's more of a mailing list than anything. Stop by both anytime.

Have a great day!



liz fenwick said...

Emily welcome to the Racers!!!

leatherdykeuk said...

Hi there and welcome!