Friday, 22 June 2007

Greetings from Derbyshire

Hi everyone. I think most of you know me already. Don't worry about the demon, I've instructed him carefully not to do any trading here.

I've written six books, none of them published yet though the first is under contract. I write primarily urban fantasy, set in modern day Britain. My novel from the first race is still only partially completed (51%) as I stopped to rewrite a book that had a chance of being sold. I re-wrote it from scratch and it was rejected anyway Ho hum* Still, I'm submitting it again now.

I'm also developing a plot for book seven. I might have a whole library of unpublished novels at this rate. I have had several short stories published, many poems and a couple of non-fiction in the Psychology Review. I've got a couple of self-publisheds on lulu which provide me with a small occasional income.

My website is here


liz fenwick said...

I'm still so excited about your soon to be published novel. How does the demon take to be left behind?

hesitant scribe said...

A 1,000 words a day before you do anything else? Oh I need that dedication! I usually end up doing a 1,000 chores before I do anything else which is why my word count limps along as though it's been hobbled!

leatherdykeuk said...

Liz: I'm afraid it doesn't come out until next easter. I went out this morning for some A1 watercolour paper to continue the illustrations for it as a side project for when it comes out. I have such grand ideas!

Jasfoup has been in every book so far - even in the two non H&J books he appeared as a tertiary character so that people who 'knew' could laugh and point and say 'I know who that businessman really is'.

He's out collecting autographs at the moment. At least, that's what he says he's doing, and he comes back with sheets full of signatures.

Hesitant: Not all of that is novel work. I also write erotica, flash fiction (great for plot testing) and drabbles. Indeed, I still write a little fanfiction for discworld and Good Omens.