Friday, 22 June 2007

Who are I?

Most of you know me already but here's a quick rundown of "Who am you?"

I'm 31, live in the East of Dundee on my Jack Jones, which is good because I can cram more and more books into the spare room and don't have to worry about them smothering a flatmate or a partner. I'm nearly up to 500 (books, not partners); should hit that mark within the next couple of months. I used to have a lot more but had an OCD attack a few years ago and got rid of so much stuff.

The book I'm working on at the moment is called Dark-Adapted Eyes and it's about a young woman called Fern who's a shapeshifter, and she spends all of her time looking for others of her kind. So far she only knows two (that I'm aware of...I only write the story), Gideon and Christopher. I think she's also bisexual. *shrugs* It started off as being an 'adult' story; no, that makes it sound like porn; we'll call it 'urban fantasy'. I think with some adjustment of the characters' ages, it could become a YA urban fantasy.

I don't have any family, none that I see with any regularity, apart from my stepdad and an uncle, I'm unpublished, no kids...that's about it really.

I joined the Novel Race a few months ago as I really need people to kick me up the arse to make me write - after all, you can't edit what you haven't written!

I tend to start off with an incredible burst of energy, get halfway through a piece, then slow right down to a crawl and lose the thread of the story - sometimes even my enthusiasm for it.

So nag away - I need it. Don't let me slack off, now!


liz fenwick said...

Thanks for setting up the blog and of coursae KEEP WRITING!!!!!

hesitant scribe said...

Yes - consider yourself kicked up the arse - and er... kick mine too!