Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Friday Coffee Update

Well, it appears that people are ok with the idea of a rota:-) I hope this will spread the wealth of knowledge we have among us and highlight different area of wrting as we are such a wonderful diverse group. I know some racers may not want to 'host' the Friday coffees and that's fine. If those that aren't hosting have an idea that they want to discuss you can always drop me an email and I'll research and post.

So I'll be the bold tart that I am I will drop people a note by email or on their blog on the Wednesday before their coffee as a reminder. I will also endevour to have a few backup topics in case of emergencies and a racers can't make the assigned coffee - so hopefully no one will feel too pressured by making the lattes and expressos.

This is the rota so far:

10 & 17/ August - Zinnia

24 & 31/ August- Isabella/ NoviceNovelist

7 & 14 / September- Helen

21 & 28/ September - Chrish

5 & 12 / October - Kevin

19 & 26 / October - B.E.

2 & 9 / November - Cally

16 & 23/ November - Rowan
30November & 7 December - Rachel

That should keep us going for a while :-) Will update the list as we go along and if no new volonteers come forward we can just begin again. Thanks one and all.


leatherdykeuk said...

Excellent idea, Liz, and thanks for putting the work into it. Can I ask for a swap if I need to? I know I'm away one of the weeks in September but can't remember which until Wyfe #1 gets home.

ChrisH said...

Thanks for organising this Liz.

Rowan Coleman said...

That's great Liz, thanks for putting in the effort. I don't mind swapping weeks with people. I am chained to my desk from now until the end of all eternity, so am available!

liz fenwick said...

Happy to swap weeks around...Rachel are Rowan's weeks ok in your schedule?

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Thanks so much for taking the initiative, Liz. This looks great!

NoviceNovelist said...

Thanks Liz for doing this. Have a free coffee on us for your efforts - and a cookie or slab of cake!!!

B.E. Sanderson said...

Thanks for all your hard work, Liz. I can probably switch weeks, too, if need be. I'm flexible.


Helen said...

I can do any weeks that others can't - and please add me to the next rota. Sorry I should have mentioned last week that I'm happy to host too. Thanks for organising Liz.

liz fenwick said...

That's for all the support. Will go an switch rota now :-)

Jen said...

Oh, how I wish I were even a smidge well organised as you Liz! You rock!!

I'm not on the list at all so happy to take up the slack if anyone's busy/away/whatnot.


KeVin K. said...

October? You know me, I never plan that far ahead.
(Actually, I'll have to check my schedule, but I think I'll be wearing my camel cords and rust cotton chamois shirt on October 5. Jeans and flannel plaid on the 12th. Still undecided on the socks.)

Thanks for setting this up, Liz.

JJ said...

This is great Liz. I'm happy to do it too whenever it's my turn.

A. Writer said...

This is a great idea! I'm not sure if I could host a Friday Coffee Break since Friday is nearly finished by the time I log in to Blogger! Unless I'm early and post on a Thursday night?? I don't know. I'll get thinking!

Kate.Kingsley said...


I was late for coffee this week due to illness and all sorts of other nasties, but just wanted to say that I am laso happy to take a turn or two hosting cofeee also,

Best wishes
Kate K

Kate.Kingsley said...

Err, that should ready "also" ~ "laso" is not a word that I'm aware of!

Jasfoup said...

Those weeks are fine, Liz, thank you. I've just found out that the September ones were, too, but I'll stick with these now.

liz fenwick said...

Wiil add all the new recruits to the sidebar. Let me know if there are any scheduling problems:-)

A. Writer post on Thursday night......as that what Kevin and BE will need to from the States :-)

Fionamac said...

Please may I host a little coffee morning too?

I don't keep biscuits because I have zero discipline and will buy a pack to share and then not share.

I can do filter coffee though.

liz fenwick said...

Fionamac I am so pleased you chirped in. Yes you can post!! Could you email your blog link or website link so that I can link you properly. Right now it goes to a deadend profile link :-)