Friday, 31 August 2007

Thanks for the inspiration!

Hello again racers. Sorry about the less than great introduction yesterday. I realised as I was half way through it that my manager was on his way over to my desk and my phone was ringing and that I had dropped a really important file in the shredding bag and that is why I could not find it. Anyway, I am Sarah, 31 and married with 2 kids (ages 4 and 2 and a half). I always enjoyed writing at school and one of my favourite things at university was my dissertation that I handed in 2 months early because I had done it so quickly. I have never been published anywhere as I have been mainly coming up with ideas. Listing them in a document in Word and then doing nothing about it. When the Miss Write competition came around it was a much needed kick up the bottom for me and I entered it and sent off my 3000 words the day before the deadline. (This was also the 2nd day of writing it) Since sending it off and then finding the blogs linked to this after googling the competition I finally came to the conclusion that the only person stopping me writing was me. I was the biggest obstacle to overcome. Never mind agents and publishers and book deals etc. I was the stumbling block. I needed to change and decide once and for all if I truly wanted to be a writer. I have been going on and on about wanting to be a writer more and more the past few years and did nothing about it. In the past 3 days I have written almost 6000 words. (I ended up completely re-writing what I had entered in the competition so just as well I did not win.) I have seen from your blogs that it is a struggle and that it is only us who can decide if this is what we truly want. But if we are good enough and if we persevere enough we can get to see our words in print and see them in book stores. That is my ultimate goal. To be able to go into Waterstones and see my name on a book. But for the moment I am enjoying the therapy that writing is giving me. It is good and I am going to continue with it.


Rowan Coleman said...

Go Sarah! You can do it. Good luck to you and if you ever need any tips or help, names of agents, publishers to submit or tips on prepping a maunscipt for submission let me know let me know, that goes for all you racers! Rx

sheepish said...

Welcome Sarah. I think realising you are your own worst enemy is a big step in the right direction. I still struggle with me and it certainly helps having other people to cheer you on. I shall keep my eyes open for your novel in Waterstones. Good luck

Leatherdykeuk said...

Welcome, Sarah.

You've chosen to write. Well done!
The hard part is to write consistently, so good luck :)

Fionamac said...

You've done massively well with 6000 words in three days. I totally agree with your observation that the buck stops with us. I think that guilt plays its part too. There is always something you think you should be doing for someone but doing what you want or need to do can make you a more contented person and, therefore, nicer to be around. Thats my excuse anyway.

Sarah*G* said...

Rowan - Thanks for that. I think I will definetely take you up on that later on if that is ok.

Fionamac - I am mightily pleased with myself today and all I have achieved. I was having to make sure I stopped for a bit and got my kids dinner ready for them coming home! That would not have been good.

sheepsih - I am slowly getting to grips with the fact that I can be my own worst enemy when it comes to writing and I need to remember that I don't have to do it all day, everyday. I just need to do it at some point and keep at it!

leatherdykeuk - thanks too for your comment. I think joing this blog has been a real motivator for me. Bit like when I go to weightwatchers and am paying to stand on someone elses scales. I so want to lose weight and not look like a moron for wasting time!

Lane said...

That's an impressive output Sarah.
It's often an event or a 'moment' that makes us take that jump from playing around with writing to deciding seriously 'it's now or never'. I was a sporadic dallier for years...but no more.
Best of luck to you.

ChrisH said...

It's hard with the demands of small children too so give yourself a pat on the back.

B.E. Sanderson said...

Welcome Sarah! Sounds like you're cranking right along. You should be really proud of yourself, and with two lil' bitties, to boot. Keep up the good work and the positive attitude. =oD

Helen Shearer said...

Hi Sarah,

I can completely relate to wanting to see your name on a book in a bookshop. I'm unpublished as well and when I think about seeing my book in a bookshop I get so excited as well. Hopefully neither of us will have to wait too long for that moment :)