Sunday, 23 September 2007

Kev, what do you mean by "media tie-in web content"?

Okay, these projects are usually covered under non-disclosure agreements which prevent me even mentioning I know anything about them. This one is not. It's a tie-in site connected to a movie and aimed at young adults.
This is the site for the movie (this is not any of my doing): The Seeker
The movie is an updated telling of the classic tale: The Dark is Rising

I have nothing to do with the movie or the book.

However, in updating the tale for the film, the location of the various signs has been changed. As a part of their efforts to locate the signs, the antiques traders Mitothin and Associates have set up an interactive website . Visitors to this site can follow various clues which will lead them to the location of each sign. Drop by the site, click on the link to the signs project, then click on "wood." When prompted, type in "family tree." (Right now that's the only one I know the password for.)

That is media tie-in web content.


liz fenwick said...

Kevin, I think I am still in the dark but I'll go have a look and see if it makes more sense :-)

KeVin K. said...

Yes, that's not a very clear explanation, is it?

When you go to the Mitothin and Associates site, the words on the screen are mine. Follow the link to "signs project", click on the "wood" sign, enter the password, and you will be presented with evidence regarding the location of the wood sign. Park maps, articles from local magazines, excerpts from papers, etc. All the words (and the idea for the interactive map) are mine. Not the graphics or whatever software makes the site work, just the words. That's "web content for media tie-in sites" -- a part of what I do as a media tie-in writer.

liz fenwick said...

Now it makes sense :-) Well done.

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

That book, and its four following books, were some of my favourites as a child, and I re-read them recently and enjoyed them all over again, and the cast looks good, and I'm looking forward to the movie now.