Saturday, 22 September 2007

New Novel Racer signing in...

Hi all,

Thanks for letting me join the Novel Racers. First of all, can someone point me at 'The Rules', please? I'd just like to be aware I have everything down pat.

I'm Juliette, and I'm currently writing chick lit on one hand and dark fantasy on the other (wouldnt it be nice if I could type different novels with both hands...?) I have a list of projects on the go, as described in my personal blog. The projects I'm seriously working on right now are:

Size Hero (a chick lit novel about a woman who wants to change the face of fashion in the midst of the size zero debate - submitted for the Cosmopolitan Miss Write competition)
Quartet (a fantasy novel about the heir to the throne of the fairy court)
Polly Flint (working title only, as yet untitled) another chick lit novel
and S.A.M. (again, working title) a third chick lit novel about a woman who takes a job as a PA to a man who thinks he is a secret agent...

I hope that putting vague story arcs on the internet is OK... I get a little worried about plagiarism. Not from the Racers, of course, but you never know who's reading what. Any advice, short of "Don't explain what you're writing"?

Hmm, what else do you need to know about me? Ask me a question in your comment, and I'll do my best to answer it!

Thanks again,


liz fenwick said...

Hi Juliette. Welsome on board. You are certainly busy. Which story are you fuurtherest ahead with?

I wouldn't worry to much aboiut brief descriptions of your books as no one else would write exactly the same story wit the same starting points :-)

Lane said...

Hi Juliette and welcome to a very nice place.
I'm always impressed when I read someone is working on more than one project. Sadly I can only concentrate on one at a time.
Size Hero......great title:))

Juliette M said...

Thanks Lane and Liz. I'm furthest on with Quartet - it's taken the most planning, has the most complicated set of plotlines, and it (if I'm honest) the most enjoyable.

Thank you for the welcome!

B.E. Sanderson said...

Hi Juliette. Welcome to the race. Sounds like you're a busy lady.

The original set of rules can be found here: Rules of the Game. To the best of my knowledge, they haven't changed.

Like Liz, I wouldn't worry too much about posting brief descriptions. No one is going to write your story exactly like you would, so you're pretty safe. With regard to internet posting, though, I think the rule is don't post any stories (in their entirety) you hope to someday sell. But I think that's more about sale rights than theft.

Anyhoo, see ya around the blog. If you have any other questions, jump right in and ask. =oD

Fiona said...

Fab title, Juliette

I would love to read more excerpts from Novel Racers' books.
I've been police checked and so far have no stealing convictions so you're safe with me :))

Flowerpot said...

Hello Juliette and welcome - sounds like yuo're an incredibly busy person!