Monday, 3 March 2008

Book reviews needed

Some of you may have already seen this on my own blog, if so apologies.

I have just beome co-editor of a brand new book blog bookersatz and we are looking for people to write short reviews of books which they have enjoyed and would recommend to others.

Reviews can be of novels in any genre, poetry, short stories, (auto)biography, and non-fiction with wide appeal. We are ideally looking for aound 200-300 words though we would consider reviews up to 500 words. Published reviews will have the authors name credited (unless you don't wish for that).

We have drawn up some brief contributors' guidelines with the usual caveats about reserving the right to reject or edit and I'm afraid we don't pay. But if you are interested in submitting something please email me, there is a link to my email in my Blogger profile, and please do visit the site regularly to see what we have been reading.


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