Monday, 3 March 2008

I've moved!

Just to let you all know I've moved my blog from an address with my full name in it to one that doesn't!

You can now find me at:

Same blog, same posts, just a different name!

I decided I didn't want my blog to be found by people googling my name (for various reasons) and put off changing it forever but it had to be done!

If you've linked to me would you mind changing your links to the new URL? Also, if you've linked using my full name could you just link to me as "Cal" or "Writing about Writing"?

Thanks loads


liz fenwick said...

Done :-)

Lane said...

Done too:-)

Cal said...

Thanks girls :o)

Caroline said...

Done too :)

Cal said...

Thanks Caroline. I appreciate it :o)

Lucy Diamond said...

Oh good - I thought you'd deleted and vanished when I just tried to read your blog...will change the link at once!