Thursday, 13 March 2008

Novel Racers Meet? Take Three

So it’s set for Manchester on Sunday 27th April.

Check out Lazy P’s comment on the previous post about booking two weeks in advance for £13 tickets to Manchester - I think you need to nominate which train you'll be on for this deal. Please confirm your attendance!

Lazy Perfectionista is going to suggest some places for us to meet, and hopefully details for how to find it.

Do we just meet for a natter? Or do we need some sort of format?

Is midday too early?

A.Writer - you asked about cheap accommodation. Have you looked on the net for youth hostely places?

I suggest that nearer the time we swap mobile numbers, by email.

Anyone got any other ideas? I'm not reknowned for my organisational skills so if anyone has leadership potential, please apply here!


It has been suggested that we have a flexible start time in order to take the stress off people travelling. Perhaps a 12.30 onwards with an organic finish time? ie when people have to go for trains, or home to babysitters etc. Even though I'm staying in Manchester with friends, I won't be able to do the evening as I leave very early on the Monday.

Lastly, do people feel okay about this being organised in public? If not, please email me and I will do this by email instead. JJx


Cathy said...

Count me out...I wouldn't be able to be certain of coming early enough to get cheap tickets anyway!

Cal said...

Just checked the Virgin trains site and can't seem to find the £13 tickets (there's a link but when I click on it I get single tickets for £31 each).

Anyway, the direct train times from London Euston on Sunday are:

Dep EUS 8.40am Arr MAN 12.30
Dep EUS 9.36am Arr MAN 13.23
Dep EUS 10.10am Arr MAN 13.44
Dep EUS 10.36am Arr MAN 14.36

And on the way back:

Dep MAN 15.45 Arr EUS 18.51
Dep MAN 16.45 Arr EUS 19.53
Dep MAN 16.53 Arr EUS 20.11
Dep MAN 17.45 Arr EUS 20.53
Dep MAN 17.53 Arr EUS 21.17
Dep MAN 18.45 Arr EUS 21.57

All those are £31 each way if you book now (£62 total).

What sort of time are we thinking of meeting up and for how long?

JJ said...

Cal, just added an update to answer your questions. Hopefully Lazy Perfectionista will see the ticket discrepancy and advise us.

A. Writer said...

JJ - I've decided to stay in a Travelodge. It's not cheap but it's not expensive either.

I've also decided to spend two nights in Manchester so that I can spend a decent amount of time with everyone on the Sunday. So Midday is fine with me and since I'll be in Manchester until the Monday morning I'm happy to stay all day in the company of you lovely people!

I think it's okay at the moment but when it comes to the finer details about where we're meeting, it should be arranged via email.
Oh, and I'm also happy with the idea of swapping mobile numbers nearer the time.

Of course this is all dependent on whether I can get time off work. Should be okay but I won't know for at least another week. But so far, you can count me in!

Cal said...

I think we should arrange the place where we meet via email or maybe on a password protected blog(and also the train we're getting for those of us who are travelling from London). Just cos, well, anyone could be reading this.

Helen Shearer said...

I am incredibly jealous of all of you meeting up. There is no way I can be there on such short notice (not because I'm so busy and important - rather because I work in the non-profit sector and have to save money and plan for a carton of milk). I hope you all have a lovely time and I look forward to hearing the stories. If we ever plan another meeting with more notice, count me in. Virtually all of my family is in Scotland so I could nip up there for a visit too. I haven't been to Britain in 25 years. Far too long!

Lucy Diamond said...

Gutted...I'll have to rule myself out. I just looked at the trains and it's going to be 4 hours each way for me which is a bit much for a day trip.
We'll have to have a summer meet further south maybe?

A. Writer said...

Okay, who is all coming now? There seems to be a lot of cancellations.

Helen - I like your idea, come up to Scotland next time!!

Lucy - That's a shame. I was looking forward to meeting you! Any meet ups happening further south would rule me out. :(

Juliette M said...

I should be there. Thanks for organising this!

Kate.Kingsley said...


Just to say that due to being cash and time poor at the mo I won't be able to join you ~ but I do look forward to hearing all about it afterwards!