Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Novel Racers Meet? Take Two

Okay, it's looking complicated, and I'm not over talented in the making of decisions department. I would be happy to do a northern and a southern one, but the point isn't just for me to meet people, but for as many of us as possible to meet.

However, I wonder if I should set up a poll? And we go with the biggest number?

Has anyone got any brainwaves on how this could work? Maybe we should investigate travel arrangements to see if it's even possible to get to and from Manchester in a day (talking of hotels is going to get expensive).

What do you all think?


Lazy Perfectionista said...

Trains to Manchester from London take a bit over 2 hours and if you book tickets in advance via

you can get tickets for £13 each way.

*keeping fingers crossed that we can still meet up in Manchester!*

Leatherdykeuk said...

I could possibly make Manchester. It's about an hour's drive if I could borrow a car.

Rowan Coleman said...

lets go for manchester, why not?

L-Plate Author said...

If the day is right, I'm up for Manchester. And with a bit of luck if Cally is coming up from London, I'll might even be on the same train!

Leigh said...

If Manchester:
I will be staying with my lovely sister in Northants and will be driving (2.75 hours?). I would be more than happy to give lifts to anyone going the same way (and maybe split the petrol?)

If London:
I will be travelling down from Northants by train.

Have you decided on a day yet, JJ?
Sunday. Please make it the Sunday.

A. Writer said...

I really want to go but I'm seriously broke. Dundee to Manchester might just cripple me and I would have to stay over night.

I'll have to think about it some more.

Cal said...

2 hours each way from London doesn't sound too bad. If I can stay with the boyf (assuming I haven't moved up to London by then) on the Friday and Saturday night I'm pretty much sorted.

L-Plate: It would be very cool if we could get the same train. Then it would just be a matter of you finding which carriage I was in!

So how many novel racers would be going up to Manchester from London then? Maybe we could all travel together? And pick people up on the way ;o)

A. Writer said...

I MIGHT manage to come after all. Although I will have to stay over night in Manchester. If I don't, you'd see me for all of 30mins before I had to get the train home again!

6hrs on the train and upto 2 changes. I could end up in blooming Timbuktu!

If we get the finer details sorted I'll be able to say a definite yay or nay from me as to whether I'll be able to come or not.

Helen said...

Sunday the train times are a bit rubbish for me - they take an hour longer than other days and I'd only be there for an hour or so before I would have to come back again - which makes for six hours on the train for a 1 hour lunch!...but don't let that stop everyone else!

Rowan Coleman said...

I'd be coming on the train from London too, most like. Can we confrim a date?

A. Writer said...

Helen - Same problem as me!

Anyone know of anywhere cheap to stay for a night in Manchester?