Wednesday, 12 November 2008

BubbleCow's free edit

Most of you know that I run BubbleCow and I wanted to let you know about a free in-depth edit and feedback report that is being offered to one lucky individual.

On December 01 2008, one entry will be selected and a full edit of a manuscript (up to 100,000 words) (worth £500) will be completed before Christmas.

If any of you would like to enter the draw for a free edit:

1. Simply email by midnight GMT November 30 2008.

2. To avoid being spam, the subject line of your email should read ‘I love Christmas'.

3. Within the email, confirm your name, your manuscript’s final word count and title.

4. The winner will be announced on December 01 2008 and informed by email.

5. The winner then has five days to email the manuscript.

6. The in-depth edit and report will be completed before Christmas.

7. The rules and details can be found HERE

This is already appealing to a number of writers who are currently tackling NaNoWriMo, so please do spread the word amongst your writer friends. And (please excuse the extra plug, but...), check out the BubbleCow's Christmas gift ideas HERE. The set of 4 badges are this season's must have!

(thanks for listening!)


liz fenwick said...

My email is in and about to post about it now!!!! Thanks for the fun chance

Caroline said...

Thanks Liz and good luck! x

Flowerpot said...

just emailing now - sounds a great idea!

KayJay said...

I love the badges!

Debs said...

I've entered. Thanks for the competition.

Shall have a look at the Christmas gift ideas now.x

Caroline said...

Thank you all :)


Clare Sudders said...

Oh bother, I just started to enter this and then had second thoughts... cos I don't think eithger of my WIPs are in the right state to take advantage of this. One has already had several edits and is already being translated to be pub;ished in German next year. I'm sure it could benefit from more input... nothing is ever finshed, after all, and I still haven't managed to snare an English-language publisher... but there's a limit to how many times I'm prepared to flog a dead horse. Time to move on, I think, and anyway I'd feel a bit guilty if I won and got the treatment on a book that's going to be published anyway, and therefore deprived someone else of the opportunity...

...and my other WIP is currently in very-raw first-draft form, I haven't even read it back myself yet, it's full of typos, I really think it need to be at least in second-draft form before I let anyone else loose on it, and won't have time to do any more work on it myself until after Xmas...

Hmmm, nobody really needed to know any of that. Thinking aloud again!