Monday, 10 November 2008


Can I remind all Novel Racers that they should have access to the Novel Racer’s private blog? This was initiated when we were organising our meets so it’s sign in by invitation only. It is used occasionally (and recently) for news that we don’t wish to broadcast publicly.

Please email me at the address on my profile for an invitation to join.



Captain Black said...

If only the pesky RSS feed worked :o(

wordtryst said...

Thanks for the reminder, JJ. I thought the private blog was strictly for details of Racer meets. Will e-mail you.

JJ said...

Capt Black, how can that be fixed?

Ok Liane, thanks.

Captain Black said...

There is a general issue with Blogger, in that feeds do not work for private blogs. I believe that Blogger/Google are aware of this. It probably has to do with feeds being a potential loophole in the authentication and security aspects of private blogs, but that's only a theory on my part.

Unfortunately this is outside of my control, and indeed the control of any other blogger - even owners and administrators. It's down to Google to fix this, if they want to.